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The HK USP. It came out in 1993, and when I first saw it in 1994, I bought it on the spot. It was a .40 caliber. Big, mean looking, but it shot very good. The gun became very popular, even making the cover of “Rainbow Six”. I loved it. HK loved it too, as it really brought them into the US Handgun Market. Since 1993, there have been many variations, and evolutions. But what made the USP so good, and why is it still a good option today?

HK went all the way with the USP. They used features that American Shooters like… Frame mounted safety that has Up for Safe and Down to Fire, just like a 1911. A 1911 grip angle is also there. Wide, easy to use control levers. If this gun was a car, it would be a full sized Mercedes… big, comfortable, powerful, easy to drive and with a lot of options. Some variants also have a down to decock feature, or a Decock Only, depending on what the shooter wants or is used to. These options made a big difference. Also, the full size slide and oversized trigger guard that make operation with Gloved hands much easier. Aggressive but not uncomfortable texturing on the grip frame… the USP has it all. And it does it all in a package that is well balanced, accurate and great shooting. Outside of Military and Law Enforcement items – the USP was HK’s first real Home Run in the US. And it still is.



I’m just going to leave this here.


You can drool on this hot gun porn.


Now clean your gun… slowly…



16 thoughts on “HK Love”

  1. OK, I’ll rent an HK at try it at my local fun house.
    But it better be real good!
    Who is skeptical…

      1. Compared the the rest of the gang over there, you ARE the next generation. Me I’ll be 67 and retire, assuming the .gov still exits at the end of the year…sigh.
        Who has a family history of arthritis.

    1. If the fun house has a VP9, try that one. I absolutely hate striker fired polymer framed pistols, and yet I would buy a VP9 in a heartbeat if I had the $$$.

  2. I have an H&K USP .45. No matter what I am taking to the range to shoot, the H&K goes with me too. I put fiber optic over tritium sights on it a while back which turned it into one of my favorite guns for both indoor and outdoor range time.

  3. If I could could own one gun from HK, it would be a hard choice between a USP and an MP5. Nice to see some USP love.

  4. I fell in love with the USP when I was a teen and played Metal Gear Solid on the PS1.

    Fast forward 20 years, and I own my first pistol…a Sig P226 (because I couldn’t afford the USP).

    This gun is like my high school sweetheart, I still think about it, but I am firmly committed to my current relationship (I LOVE Sig Sauer).

  5. I haven’t forgiven HK for discontinuing the HK-4 .380/.22 version. Despite the problems.
    Who remembers.

  6. HK…HK? Wasn’t their civilian sales slogan recently “You suck and we hate you”? Or am I thinking of some other company? If so I appologise in advance to HK.

  7. I too am a HK guy. I still have my 40 that I bought in ’94. When people shot my HK they say holy crap that is a bad ass gun. I recently acquired a Sig 229 in 40. Something about German guns that just feels right…

  8. I too have had my HK40 since ’94 it’s a true thing of beauty and along with my Sig 229 in 40 are the ultimate in quality handguns.

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