Sorry the Posts have been few and far between.

Point Blank Range had their Grand Opening Week last week.  From May 16th to the 24th.  This went along with NASCAR’s RACE WEEK, which is a huge Broohaha in Charlotte, NC.


One of the things I did was to get Harley Davidson of Charlotte to come out – and they did!   They know I’ve been wanting a new bike, and they brought them.  Each of the ones I’ve been wanting.


One is a nice little Sportster Forty Eight.  Mini Ape Hangers (Which I am not all that fond of – but the riding position actually feels good), great aftermarket seat, Vance & Hines pipes and a Screaming Eagle Intake.  All tuned to run together nicely.  I like the Sportsters, and especially the Forty Eight model.  I will have one eventually.   As much as I love the look of them, that 2.1 gallon tank is limiting.    If I was to have just one bike – I don’t know if I could live day to day with only a 2.1.  I need a tank that LOOKS like that one, but holds 3, or 3.5 gallons.  That would be perfect.


Then there’s the Fat Bob.  In “Sand Camo Denim”  I don’t get Harley’s name for the paint, but it’s a flat desert tan.  I really dig the twin headlights.  If I got the Sportster – I’d want to put lights like these on it.  In LED.  If possible.   But I love the look.  Reminds me of a vintage WWII bike, with some modern touches.  I’d name the bike “Rommel” and put Afrika Korps emblems on it.  I think these bikes are badass… and they ride very well.  Very balanced and planted.  The most Stable bike I think I’ve ever ridden.

Yeah, I have to post a second photo of this one.  Love it.  Just love it.
But then there is this one… The Breakout…


This image doesn’t do it justice.  The red paint is just gorgeous.  As is that huge fat rear tire.  “Dat Ass”!   The Breakout is a dream bike.

I was going to probably trade in my car on that Fat Bob… the Wife said “Do what you want”.  And then I go to do it – she’s all “No, don’t.”

I love my car, it’s very nice, but I need something that feels alive and a part of me.  Something with muscle.

Still looking…

7 thoughts on “Sorry the Posts have been few and far between.”

  1. Yea this is one of NASCAR’s biggest weekends of the year and fans have been hanging around for up to 2 weeks for not just the week but all of the events in Charlotte. Good to see you checking out bikes, but you should know by now when asking the wife for something and her answer is “just do it” isn’t permission…or even a dare so never call them on it or throw it back in their face if you actually follow through.

    The first bike I had came with a Vance & Hines exhaust and it really ripped. The power band opened up by at least 40% and the response was instant. The only downside was that it was so loud that I needed ear plugs when I rode otherwise my ears would ring for up to an hour afterwards. I can tell that you are having some riding withdraw and are looking for some 2-wheel therapy.

  2. So, where does the range bag go on the Fat Bob? Don’t get me wrong – I love the look and would probably love the way it rides but I’m pretty much over the NEED for a motorcycle at this point.

  3. I also really like the 48, but it’s just too small for the riding I like best. I have an old Electra Glide Standard and it’s fine with me…

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