Beretta Tx4 Storm Shotgun

Beretta has a new tactical shotgun called the Tx4 Storm.  The Storm series is a line of Defense/Tactical oriented guns that take a different road than most such guns.  Unique features and good styling… and they are good shooters.  Accurate, reliable, and rather soft shooting.  I like them.

The Storm Shotgun seems to fit all same qualities of the rest of the line.  Good looking, good feeling and handling.  The Storm Shotgun is a bit unique from other tactical shotguns… it’s very light weight and balances perfectly, loaded and unloaded.

The light weight is an advantage in that it makes the gun fast… Fast to the shoulder, fast on target.  The magazine tube needs an extension, which would work against the light weight.  But it would still be lighter than most other shotguns on the market of this type.  The other thing I like about it.. is that the barrel is threaded for chokes.  This makes the gun more versatile.  Puts it on par with the FNH SLP shotguns.  Price between those two is about the same.    The question of which one is the better fighting auto-shotgun?  Well, that’s a question I’d love to put to the test.   Sights are the same… one is lighter, one holds a shell or two more… so I guess the better part of it would have to come down to purpose and application… or just flat out personal preference.

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    1. I have a Mossberg 930 SPX. I am very frustrated with it, the shotgun is very low quality and the bolt assembly was rusted on the inside when I bought it (brand new). I tried contacting customer service and they never responded, I even offered to pay for the replacment parts. The shotgun looks nice on the outside when you buy it but when you take it apart for cleaning the inside is all scratched up and the finish isn’t very good. The website also lies about the shotgun, they claim it is an 8 shot being 7+1 but in reality the shotgun only loads 6+1 but if you do load up 6 rounds the last round will not feed properly. When you see the Mossberg 930 SPX know it is a low quality 5+1 with no customer service. It does shoot good though with low recoil but all things considered I will have to get rid of it.

      1. You need to go to the store that sold it to you and have a nice chat. If the gun was rusted when you bought it – that would have been the first thing I did. The store should be taking care of you and they can deal with Mossberg. If your store can’t do that, you bought the gun from the wrong people.

  1. The TX4 is gas actuated not inertia, like the Benelli M2. Therefore, the TX4 is suppsosed to have less recoil.

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