Sick of seeing Rioters run amok destroying cities
Here’s what makes me angry about these. They can be stopped. They used to be stopped.
You know what stops them?
Shotguns and the demonstration of the will to use them.  The Texas Rangers had a saying about this.  “One Riot, One Ranger.”  You know how one Ranger could quell a riot?  Because he wasn’t afraid to use his shotgun.  Riots ended real quick when a Texas Ranger showed up.

Such will is not long in existence in the USA. So Rioters have no fear. There will be no repercussions. There’s no reason for them to stop rioting. Why would they? In a Riot, they have all the power and control and cops can just back away. No because of fear of the Rioters… but because of Fear of Liability and Prosecution.

In the mean time, it serves as great entertainment for those that are entertained by it.   It gives the Media something to do other than dodge owning up to their lack of coverage on Hilary and Obama scandals.   And they act so shocked when they themselves get attacked and robbed.  Too funny.

30 thoughts on “Riots”

  1. Your blog post doesn’t acknowledge WHY these riots are happening. These riots are happening for a reason. Reasons that are real, perceived or otherwise…

    That needs to be addressed, does it not?

    1. Reason? Lack of self control is the reason. I dont want to hear they are angry and frustrated…I am angry and frustrated all the time(As a conservative gun owner living in a Baltimore suburb), but you dont see me rioting and looting. Law abiding citizens are at the mercy of thugs and hooligans(as last nite showed) and the corrupt, inept police force does very little. We arent even allowed to carry for self defense. So, yeah…Im angry and frustrated. But I sat home last nite(had tickets to the Orioles/Boston game but I wasnt going downtown) and watched the idiots and animals riot.
      Lack of self control…liberal mindset at work in Baltimore

    2. Bullshit. Their reasons do not justify their actions.
      I want a new Motorcycle. I’m not going to throw a burning trashcan through a Food Lion window because I can’t buy a new motorcycle.

      1. Uh huh. Armed responses are seemingly what the demonstrators are bitching about. Many municipal police are showing up in armored cars, decked out in fatigues carrying military grade weapons….which is a far cry from the one lone ‘Ranger and a badge’ of yore. The relationship of the police and the communities they are charged with “protecting and serving” clearly needs to change.

        1. So fucking what?

          Attack me in the name of “social justice”, and I will shoot, and keep shooting until my life is no longer in jeopardy.

          There is no excuse for a riot. None.

        2. You mean like the Cops who were well known for doing good to the communities… that still got assassinated after Ferguson?

        3. Well in my neck of the woods, we carry the same thing every other American can carry. Hand gun, shotgun and AR-15, body armor and that’s about it. armored car? no. I can tell you for a fact the public in most areas is more equipped with heavier firepower than most agencies. I work and live in a medium city outside a very large military base. we have seen a lot of barricaded subjects who have an arsenal go off the deep end. what has helped is the department I am in has a very high percentage of Veterans who can relate and talk these guys down before anyone gets hurt. These departments who go out and get a federal grant for a MRAP or such have lost their way. Is there a time when they could be needed? yes, but that’s like having a special tool for a special kind of contingency. In my personal opinion, the whole decked out SWAT team wearing military camouflage fatigues is the wrong approach. Police Blue and stop trying to appear like the military. It confuses and causes a division between the public. If you have to go into a high violence situation, have the proper protective gear (body armor) and appropriate weapons if they are needed. I carry a patrol rifle in my gear, but the most practical Weapon is the shotgun for police work, but that’s my opinion.

    3. BWAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      What?! You were serious? Really!

      OK. Let’s address the reasons….with a shotgun.

      Happy now? 😉

    4. The “reasons” they use to justify riot, abeted by a criminal federal government have in the end proved to be bogus. In the current riot we have no idea what happened and not one fact suggesting the cops did it, (although it may turn out so) but that alone is enough to rip civilization apart for partisan political racist gains and eventual marshal law.

    5. The Ferguson riots were deliberately ignited by a Moslem committing Suicide by Cop. The NoI and the NBPP it’s military and political wing are following the world wide pattern. Excuses Riots Anarchy Islam and Sharia law makes a peace of death.
      Very simple and obvious.
      Was Baltimore a suicide?
      Who does not overlook the obvious.

  2. They may have valid concerns. However they are not addressing those concerns by terrorizing the general population. There are systems and protocols to address those concerns. Have we truly reached the tipping point that calls for true armed rebellion? And if so what are the causes that call for such armed rebellion?

    1. Armed Rebellion?
      The fictitious “Black Lives Matter” concern is not justification for an Armed Rebellion. And it’s not an economic revolution…
      Besides- there has never been a successful economic revolution.
      We are nearing the tipping point though that these uprisings in social disorder should be getting an armed response. Just because you are not happy with your life – doesn’t mean you can loot my store. Smash my car. Or physically attack me or my loved ones.

  3. Skunk. They make artificial skunk.
    Perfect area denial weapon.

    Get some on your clothes, you will take them off.

    Get that smell, you cant go home. Bus or taxi wont let you in.

    You wont want to ruin your own car.

    You smell like skunk, you are tagged as a rioter.

    Lastly, you know, someone getting skunked, they get ridiculed

    1. 12 gauge . They make genuine 12 gauge.
      Perfect area denial weapon.

      Get some through your clothes, you will be turned off.

      Get that round, you cant go home. Bus or taxi wont let you in.

      You wont be able to ruin your own car.

      You bleed like skunk, you are tagged as a rioter.

      Lastly, you know, someone getting shot rioting, they get arrested.

      —– there. I fixed it for you—– Uncle Bob

  4. Just my two cents. As a Peace officer, the goal/mission is to maintain law and order by engaging the public I serve to voluntarily comply with laws. For those who break the laws arrest or cite depending on the level of law broken. After serving 20 years in the military, I chose to this career to be a positive influence in my community and live in the town I police in. What I am seeing is how both sides of the spectrum both LEO and the public are ramping up their disdain for the other. I see the entrenched resentment of how overzealous officers and us versus them mentality is increasing in the police force. Add this to the increasing violent reactions by the public we are supposed to serve seems to be an ever increasing spiral which is leading to a no win situation for all parties. I fully believe if a LEO breaks the law while in the performance of their duties they should be held accountable. When I took the oath of office to become a Peace officer, I understood the inherent danger along with the ultimate responsibility to uphold myself to the Constitution and people I serve. I am a citizen just like those I serve in this office. I am part of the community and held to the law just like my neighbors. So with this being said,
    Regardless of what grievance the public feels, there is no excuse for violent protest and property damage. At this point with all the instant media reporting, it tends to stoke the furnace before any real investigation can be done. Without using a broad brush to paint all sides, I do believe there are agencies/ officers/ departments which create a climate of the Us vs. Them mentality. Just like I feel the all cops are corrupt statement is a broad stroke of paint. Looking at the recent riots as an example, how do you stop lawlessness without being overbearing, too militaristic or to heavy handed. No matter what response is done by the police there will be condemnation. One ranger, One riot definitely would end a riot in its tracks. But at what cost? Our society has fallen so far where respecting authority, along with abusing the authority is becoming the norm. Anyway, until a cooler head prevails or steps into the void to bring sanity back to all parties this, I fear, will continue to spiral into more and more violence.

  5. In continuation. You are right on the money when you say the reason Law enforcement executives tend to be indecisive when it comes to putting down these riots is because they are all afraid of the Big “L” word. Liability. Our political culture is cowering the very one responsible for keeping the Peace. So before I start getting flamed for being a cop, I am a Peace Officer, not a Law Enforcement Officer. There is a big difference. I am a citizen and a member of my community.

  6. Of course there was a valid reason to protest and seek redress but that’s not what we are seeing. These “protesters” are primarily thugs having fun because no one has the will to stop them in a deep blue city where the populace is unarmed and afraid of the government.

  7. A wise man once said, “incitement to riot is not an excuse to riot.”

    It could be 100% that someone’s behavior incited riot, which is the charge being leveled against the cops. That still doesn’t give the rioters justification to riot.

    Rebellion? If you honestly believe that something is justification for armed rebellion, then by all means, go attack those responsible. If you honestly believe that the cops are murdering folks for fun, go attack them – don’t loot and burn stores. I may not agree, and might even laugh if you get shot, but at least I’ll agree that you fought back against the right target for the injustice you claimed. If you start attacking unrelated innocents, then that whole “might” goes out the window, and I will /definitely/ agree that you’re in the wrong, no matter what was done. You do /not/ attack innocents.

  8. The Democrat Mayor said, “They were allowing violence for people who wanted to be violent.” or words to that effect. I turned off Fox and Friends (TM) to avoid being too sick to eat breakfast.
    Who does not need to spew his breakfast tea instead of absorbing it.

  9. We now know that these “spontaneous” riots were planned on social media over the weekend by professional anarchists and the ex-head of the new Black Panther Party. Both dedicated to over throw of the US as a democracy and instituting a Stalinist style socialist dictatorship, with (of course) themselves in charge. Coming to a city near you this summer.

    1. Anarchists would not seek to institute a dictatorship.

      Anarchists are folks like Lysander Spooner:

      These rioters are fascists, not anarchists. And, as you noted, they want to be in charge of the fascist dictatorship they hope to establish.

      (note: I’m not using “fascist” as a general epithet… I’m saying that they literally believe in the ideals of fascism, which is a form of socialism in which government controls the means of production by high levels of regulation, sweetheart deals, and the like, rather than outright ownership… sound like any political party we love to hate?)

      1. Todays “”fascist” and todays “anarchists” working philosophy is virturally the same, even some of their organizing language is the same and the results will be the same. Todays “anarchists’ have nothing to do with Spooner or anyone else that held the original philosophy. Its all about power and their getting it. Witness Seattle which I stood in the middle of.

        1. There are a lot of fools who call themselves any particular thing, even though they are not. Anyone who’s a socialist cannot be an anarchist, by definition, because anarchy requires that individuals be free to make their own choices, and capitalists cannot choose to be capitalists (even only among themselves) under socialism. On the flip side, even communists can form their own communes under capitalism, if they’re foolish enough want to buy the land and do so. So, unless someone’s a capitalist, they cannot possibly be an anarchist.

          No, these folks are just of the group known as “scumbags.” That’s all they are, with no philosophy driving them. Just doing whatever they find appealing at any given moment, like wild animals.

            1. Exactly. No thought for the future. I like minimum wage laws as a good example of that.

              “Oh, they should be required to pay $X per hour, so I’ll have more money!”

              “Are you worth $X per hour? Because you were just complaining about how you couldn’t get a decent education in that crappy inner-city school you went to…”

              “Hey, they raised the minimum wage, and my boss just fired me and hired someone with more skills! Life’s so unfair!”

              Used to be that entry-level positions were how folks got experience and training, so they’d be worth more as time went on, and earn more. But now, if you ain’t worth at least the minimum wage, already, you are completely unemployable. You have no chance to get skills, so you end up living on Welfare. Supporters of the minimum wage are quick to point out that it doesn’t actually cause unemployment – which is true, since the number of necessary jobs remains the same – but it shifts around /who/ is employed, so that those who learned the most prior to starting out have a distinct advantage.

  10. The Constitution protects the right to PEACEABLY assemble and the right to free speech. I will defend those to the death.

    But, lets get this straight: These “protestors” are not being peaceable. They are not living Dr. King’s legacy of peaceful, nonviolent protest. No. They are their own worst enemies. To the extent that their motives may be noble, their methods undermine improvement of their plight. Frankly, they are anarchists.

    They claim to be protesting for jobs and to improve their condition. So, they burn to the ground their own neighborhoods and wonder why businesses with more jobs do not want to locate there or to rebuild and be exposed to the violence and mayhem. How’s that working for them?

  11. Today, if your black, gay or lesbian you can do anything and get away with it. You have an automatic “get out of jail free” card.
    Just play the race card.

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