Pistol Needs

1. Ruger GP100, 4″.
2. SIG M11a1.
3. Ruger SP101 2.5″.
4. Chiapa Rhino 4″.
5. STI Texican.
6. Ruger Redhawk .44 Mag, 5″.

The Texican is really the only STI gun I really lust over. The Rhino is a strange but persistent fascination. The Redhawk is just for shear power.
The SIG is because its just about ideal for me. And the other two Rugers… would become my EDC guns.

13 thoughts on “Pistol Needs”

    1. Indeed. But really it’s not so much that they are Revolvers… so much as it is that they have Hammers.
      Call me old fashioned, but I just prefer guns with Hammers.

  1. Oh I’ve got an entire list of firearms that I’d love to get. I imagine most serious people of the gun do. I know I do. |3

    Hell, I wouldn’t mind a STI Texican myself… that finish is beautiful. Sadly that’s probably why I’ll never get one. Probably just stick with a EAA Bounty Hunter to fill the SAA shaped hole in my collection.

    1. Err… I’ll probably never get a few a Texan because something that beautiful is going to break my bank! Not just that it’s beautiful. Although maybe that does work too given how I only ever seem to be able to get old beat up guns…

  2. I’ve always loved the look of the 6″ Redhawk, and I believe its frame is stronger than the S&W 29.

    Weren’t you itching for a CZ-75B there for a while, George?

    1. Yeah, but that itch dropped off.
      Specifically the PD variant. And it was really more of a Hi-Power alternative.

      The Hi-Power and a SIG P210 remain my Unicorns.

  3. having owned both (and kept the gp100) i’d skip the SP101. i know- great looking little piece of stainlessness- but with full house .357 loads… OUCH! the difference between it and and the GP was pronounced… and the SP is fairly solid for a compact revolver. .357 out of some s&w airweight or similiar? i can’t imagine…

      1. regarding “unicorns”…
        hi-power- my very first handgun. great little classic. picked it over many more modern/sexier choices. kept it many years. hammer bit though…
        found myself thinking: what improvements would i make?
        beavertail. rowell type hammer.
        better trigger. tougher finish.
        then i discovered CZ and realized i had been describing 75sa all along. so i traded into that…

        now i find myself thinking- ya know, a little more power would be nice. say… 10mm… and i realize i am describing Witness Elite Match.

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