Ruger SR9C

This gun has been on my mind lately.  Packing a full sized 1911 and a full sized 92FS poses difficulty when entering areas where you really don’t want your concealed gun to be made.

It’s a good looking gun. Short, small, and I can reload with a full sized mag.

At some undisclosed point in the past, at some undisclosed location, I was carrying concealed in a place that had it surfaced that I was packing concealed… would have been bad.  Not technically illegal, but it would not have been a happy situation.

While I knew my gun was lawfully concealed, I felt distracted and self conscience  because this was a less tolerant place.

Unlike past Ruger center-fire autos, the SR series is well sculpted and suitable for concealed carry.

Normally I operate and a Total ZFG situation when it comes to this sort of thing.   I just don’t care what others think… But when others could take actions that, while wrong, would… how should I say… hinder my calm.  I’ve not decided, but am thinking about getting something that is a bit more concealable.  I don’t want to go IWB, but I’d consider it.

The only double stacked gun I can remember that is narrow like the SR series, is the Browning BDM.

So I’m thinking a gun that’s shorter and as reasonably narrow and still be comfortable.   Now, I’m not wanting to go Single Stack… Because while I am not all that concerned with a high capacity, I like even more the idea of my reload giving me a boost… because if I Go Loud, I probably need a lot more ammo.  Especially if I’m using something as anemic as 9mm.  Which I consider Fine, but I’d like Finer.  I love my Beretta and shoot it quite well… and carry it often… but it has a lot of rounds.  Going down to a single digit round count for concealed carry – I’d rather have my reload give me as much as it can.

The Ruger SR9C gives me all of the above wants.
Of course, a Ruger SP101 would serve just as well.


I am conflicted.  Maybe we can chalk this up to New Gun Itch.  (The GP100 is still happening – eventually)

17 thoughts on “Ruger SR9C”

  1. I use a G 29 IWB with 2 G 20 mags OWB and that works for me. I don’t want or need more crap inside my pants. I have been lusting over the 92 compacts lately, though. Might have to be the next carry gun.

      1. And if the M11a1 is a little too much gun for the occasion, my Sig 938 is a suitable replacement.

  2. thats why i pocket carry. still using the lcr and yea it has only 5 rounds, but very discreat. still haven’t worked out enough with the glock 42 to feel confident with it, but that will really be really discreat.
    i try real hard to avoide places i might feel uncomfortable in, and i hate leaving the gun in the vehicle so if i have to go some where i can’t carry i leave the gun at home.

  3. I know my wife loves her SR9c, and one will be my next handgun purchase. I’ve shot hers extensively and am very impressed.

  4. I tried a 9c at the local rental range, Gallery of Guns in Jacksonville, FL, the trigger was much better than I had been led to expect. Due to health issues the Kahr P9094N in the Galco is my CC of choice or the LCP in a pocket holster. I like the grip extension to get all my fingers on the grip, This starts to compromise pocket carry however. Geoff Who is still working out the details.

      1. How long a magazine will a Galco Classic for Glock 19 carry opposite the holster? I use the long 8 shot magazines from Kahr in my Galco lightweight. One in pistol one in carrier. Geoff Who notes rumors about a Deputy working protection, who put a couple of extended magazines in a briefcase, until the Sheriff pointed out they had a couple of old Uzi’s in the inventory….Who also watched in awe of the briefcase draw…

  5. I am seriously considering the GP100 in a 3 or 4 inch barrel. They are bulldogs. As for Sig I have the P224 in a 40 cal. Very concealable and shoots like a dream for a short barrel.

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