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You guys know I’ll call out a gun company if they put out crap… And you guys know I’ll give kudos to those that pull it together.  I’ve talked about Para, and Ruger, and others… This one though… This surprises me.
Kimber.   Kimber is a company that basically took Colt and bent them over a knee and gave them a good old fashioned whipping about how 1911’s are supposed to be made.  It changed the gun industry as far as 1911’s go.  It used to be that you bought a new Colt 1911 and you immediately set about working on it or having it worked on by a Gunsmith.  And it wasn’t just Colt, that was everyone pretty much. That’s just the way things were.
Until Kimber.  Kimber set about making 1911’s that ran right out of the box.
Until a few years ago when Kimber’s Quality Control dropped through the floor.   I had brand new guns with what looked like used parts in them.  I had barrels that had waves in them.   All this, I’ve talked about before.  It’s in the Archives at the Old section.  I had to send back a whole shipment of Kimber Tac Custom II’s.  I just couldn’t trust Kimber anymore.
That was then.  This is now.  Kimber looks like they are taking things seriously again.  If fact, it looks like Kimber is better than ever.  And I’m not talking cosmetics.  I’m talking internals, machining, everything.  It looks like they are making some great stuff again.   Not only that, but they once again bent Colt over the knee and gave them a whipping again.

See, Colt had the Mustang.  A mini 1911 like pistol in .380.  Colt gave the middle finger to the American Gun Owner and decided they wouldn’t sell to us unwashed masses.  Guns like the Mustang were all discontinued.  That was many years ago.   Many years later SIG came out with the SIG 238, which was SIG’s version of a Mustang.  It sold so well that Colt was like “Hey!” and they started making the Mustang again.   Well, Kimber looked at the SIG, and looked at the Mustang.  And then threw down the Kimber MICRO.  It’s like what Kimber did the the Colt 1911’s.  It makes the Colt look pretty dated.   There are various versions of the Kimber Micro.   All 13.4 Ounces in weight, all 6+1 Capacity.  All look great.  But the Micro Raptor… it just looks drop dead gorgeous.   And it’s a .380.  And I like it.  Crazy.   Now if Kimber does what SIG did… and make a version in 9mm… I’d be very tempted to buy that.  I’m very tempted to buy the Micro in .380 as it is.  And I don’t even like Pocket Guns.  That’s how cool these Micros are.

Don’t get me started about the SOLO.  Great looking guns that don’t work right.  There’s a sexist political jab I could make there, but I wont.   If Kimber could just take the SOLO back to R&D and engineer that thing to run right – That would be great.   Other than the SOLO, I think Kimber is back to making real guns again.

14 thoughts on “Kimber’s Micro”

  1. Glad to hear Kimber is getting their QC problems sorted out. I’ve liked a number of them over the last few years but not well enough to gamble on spotty quality and questionable customer service. Might be time to take another look.

  2. The single action type “pocket guns” are just a stupid idea in general, no matter how nicely made they may be. Cocked and locked pocket carry is a non-starter, as is condition 3. They are neither fish nor fowl.

    1. I would agree… However these are often carried in an IWB holster. And hides very well in doing so.

      If I get one… Hmmm… I’m thinking an Adams Holsters in Ostrich.

        1. Thumb safety, grip safety, half cock catch.
          Possibly the safest semi auto to carry.
          All of my holsters are minus a safety strap.
          In 20 years of carry they have not been an issue.


  3. We have Taurus 1911s with tighter fit than both our Kimber Super Carry and Grand Raptor.

    I see no reason to get a Micro over a Mustang or P238.

  4. seriously considering a Kimber in 10mm. pricey.
    doing my homework…
    as kimber owners, what think any of ye regarding the oft-maligned “Schwartz” type firing pin safety block used in all series IIs? dealbreaker? or nonissue?
    your opinions appreciated…

    1. Non-issue. But I’d still look for other options in 10mm. Kimbers look good, put have spotty QC.

  5. I feel like the Kimber is possibly the safest semi auto to carry. Because of the thumb safety, grip safety, and half cock catch. I have done a lot of research on it and so far it is my favorite gun.

    1. Of course it’s just one of many. But a 1911 derived pistol being THE SAFEST?
      I’d say it’s #3. After Beretta and SIG. DA/SA guns are mechanically safer than single actions.

  6. I’m glad I found this article. I had a p238 and had tremendous trouble with it. A quick Google search will show that lots of people are having trouble with the extended magazine’s dropping out when firing. No Bueno. Sig tried twice to fix mine, third time they offered to replace it with my choice of the p938 instead. I’m taking them up on that offer. Now looking at this .380 and the colt mustang. Honestly, outside of aesthetics, don’t really see a reason to choose this weapon over the mustang. Another quick google search reveals the Kimber micros are having repetitive trouble with the extractor. Again, no Bueno. I have yet to find a repetitive problem with the mustang in many hours of looking online for information. Maybe the raptor is better, maybe not. Are you willing to let your wife carry that gun and take a chance? I still really like this raptor .380, but my spidey senses are telling me to go with the colt.

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