SIG P220’s in 10mm

Over on, the subject is being discussed.  This is something I’ve been wanting now for – let me check – about 15 years.  And it’s finally happening.  SIG is going to release some variants of the P220 in 10mm Auto.
This isn’t just good for us 10mm fans.  This is really good for us 10mm fans.  Really, outside of custom 1911’s that cost the same as a decent used motorcycle or even a car… There have only been two options for a production 10mm pistol.
1.  Glock.
2.  EAA.
Let’s look at Glock.  The Model 20, and the Model 29 have been it.  Luckily for us, Glock is also bringing out the Model 40 MOS in 10mm so we have another decent option… the Model 40 sporting a long slide and being optics ready.  I’ve handled this gun and it’s going to be great.
EAA on the other hand… While they make a great gun in the Witness series, I still have a hard time taking EAA seriously because of their past marketing.  At least they’ve finally dropped the embarrassingly sexist crap with girls that look like they came from the Red Light District of Richmond, VA.   Looking at the new Witness line up, I see that EAA is taking great strides to be actually competitive in their offerings.    They are making some new models now that I’d be very interesting in trying.   But a lot of guys I know refuse to even look at an EAA for various reasons.   And EAA is not considered a top tier provider of service handguns.   Not like Glock, not like SIG…

With SIG finally breaking bad and throwing down 10mm, this legitimizes the 10mm cartridge even further.  If these guns have any degree of success, like I think they well… I will expect to see  the likes of Beretta and S&W jumping on board with 10mm service pistols down the road.    I can even see Ruger offering a few variants of their 1911 in it…

I’d still really like to see CZ-USA offer a 97B in 10.  The 97B and the P220 have been my dream Tens.   I am very happy about this.

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  1. S&W has had 10mm pistols before. I used to have a S&W Model 1076. The FBI used that gun for a while. I traded mine in for a Smith 610 revolver.

    1. Last S&W 10mm I saw for sale, a 1006 with one rusty mag sold in less than 48 hrs, asking price $1000. I have been half way looking for a non 4″ 610 for almost 10 years, and never seen one in person.

    1. Oohh yyeeaahh. I remember that conversion. I was really interested in it, but I couldn’t justify spending double the cost of the stock handgun. Ended up going with the Witness 10mm. And I’ve never been disappointed with her.

      1. I remember some write ups about frame cracking but it seemed to be isolated in nature. I saw a frame crack article where the “cure” was drilling a small hole at the end of the crack to releave the stress. Cheep fix if not very nice to look at but writer seemed think it was a good fix. Mines been going strong for over 20 years, albeit I don’t shoot it on a regular basis. What with all that’s going on in the world I may break into its safe slumber and wring it out for a REAL back up piece.

  2. Meh. If Sig had brought out a 10mm years ago, before I invested in Glocks and Glock mags, I would have bought one, for sure. Been running an RMRed G20 for a couple of years now, and I had my carry 29 done last year. If Glock only offers the milled version in a long slide, I think they are missing the boat.

      1. And I’m glad they finally did. I’ll bet it is a great gun, too. The point I was making, is had they done so years ago, a bunch of us who bought Glocks (and Witnesses, and 1911s) might have bought Sigs instead. But at least where I am concerned, that ship has already sailed. I have little interest in buying another 10mm that requires different magazines and holsters from the ones I already have, and likely can’t be modified for an RMR as easily, if at all.

  3. I would love to get a 10mm P210 full size as long as the cost is reasonable. There have always been a 10mm option (Delta Elite, Springfield Omega, Glock 20, LAR Grizzly, Automag, etc.) but I’ve only owned an early EAA Witness that was very accurate, smooth shooting & built like a tank. What I didn’t like was the sheer weight of the piece. I’ve always liked the 10mm but because of sparse offerings I just never really committed.

  4. I love the P220! Are you talking about the aluminum frame or a steel frame? I would have questions about the aluminum frame holding up.

  5. What bugs me is it is single stack only. Except for the 1911 options, all the rest are double stack. Are P220s widely avalible? Don’t think I have ever seen one, except for a W German made one for $2000, used. The cheapest MSRP on the new ones in 10mm is $1400. That is a new G20 and a G29.
    I am still hoping for a double stack RIA in 10mm.

    1. Most decent gun shops will stock or at least be able to get you a 220. They are not rare guns at all.

    2. IOW, the new 10mm Sig costs about what I paid for a new G20, new RM07 sight, plus slide milling.

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