Am I a Dark Prepper?

“You’re not a Prepper.  You’re a Dark Prepper.”
This was thrown at me some time ago and I dismissed it off the cuff… And for some time I’ve been thinking about it.  A Prepper is a guy that gets all the stuff he’s going to need to survive and stockpiles it and hordes it.  So I guess the Dark Prepper, or Anti-Prepper is different in that has preps are so that he can go get what he needs through the use of force.   So the accusation has some clearly dark meaning behind it.  Here’ the thing though.
It’s true.
But not in the way they or you think, but yes, basically it could be said that I am in fact a Dark Prepper.   I’ve laid out all my prepping plans in Uprising USA.
Here’s the plan.
1.  Secure your HQ.
2.  Secure your local area.
3.  Secure your People.  Your Friends, Family, Loved ones… Those that may need help.  Elderly, Young, Infirm.  Make sure everyone is okay and has what they need to survive.
Now here’s where it gets gnarly…
4.  Secure additional assets and supplies to insure longevity.  Food, Medicines, other supplies and equipment.

Now where I differ from the truly Dark, is that I would not use force on those that have the assets we’d be looking for.   Force would be only to defend.   This is all pretty clearly laid out in Uprising USA.  Moving further, in Uprising UK, there is a scene where assets were taken unknowingly from another survivor who hid when they came to get it.  When it was discovered that someone had a claim of ownership to the property, the person was fairly and justly compensated for what had been taken and an amiable conclusion was reached.

So really, maybe, I am not a Dark Prepper.  Just a humble procurer of that which sustains life… an amicable prepper.  A beneficent prepper.  A Magnanimous prepper…

My new Plan since I’m on the East Coast?  Not giving away any details, but it involves a large comfortable boat, all my pals and fam, and a long cruise to someplace nice.

18 thoughts on “Am I a Dark Prepper?”

  1. I’d say you’re more of a Rebuilder/Leader than a Dark Prepper.

    And oddly enough, I had a conversation with a coworker about this very subject last night. He fits the definition of a “Dark Prepper” to a ‘T’: his prepping strategy is to “stock up on guns and ammo. So when the s*** goes down, [he’ll] be able to go around and take whatever he needs.”

    Good thing we don’t live all that close to each other and he doesn’t know where I live.

    I too am stocking ammo (working on the guns part), but that’s for defense only. My TEOTWAWKI strategy: forage and scavenge. Guns are for defensive purposes only: you leave me and my stuff alone, I leave you and your stuff alone. You try and hurt me or mine, and/or take our stuff? I make it rain.

  2. ” I would not use force on those that have the assets we’d be looking for…” I find this a somewhat odd statement to make from one who has written the books you have. Depending on the depth of the situation and length of time it goes on I think this good intentioned statement may go out the window…..

    1. Have you read the books? If you did – you would see that as time goes on such force is less necessary.

      1. Well true in your main leads actions, but you do note that the hero in the stories, you in the first and second, continually notes the murder and theft all around him. And saying such…, I’ll give you that but my point was that good intentions have a way of falling to the way side when the fecal matter hits the rotating fan….

      2. Yes I have including the story line of the original on We The Armed which I will most respectfully point out was way more morally problematic then the novels later published….

  3. ^ I definitely agree. A real survival situation is always going to involve more difficult choices and gray areas than any work of fiction. In the novels your characters walk a fine line and I have no trouble believing that the non-idealized versions of those characters could and would step over it, quite possibly while convincing themselves that they are completely justified in doing so.

    I fall much more on the forage and scavenge side of things too. I’m lucky in that my career centers around food resources, many of them in remote wilderness areas. If things hit the fan I can very quickly get to familiar locations that few people even know exist. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve also got a lot of specialized work equipment stocked there that would keep me warm, dry, and well-fed for a very long time. Obviously defense is something you have to prepare for but knowledge and isolation are my main strategy.

    1. All my characters are based on real people that I know… For the most part, they all have a deep understanding of Right and Wrong… and will often take the harder path than to do wrong.
      Much like characters in The Walking Dead. Rick and his people all have a moral compass even in dark times… they strive to do Right.
      I don’t think this would change for most of us who are by nature good people. Others, who do not have a strong moral compass… well… That’s what the guns are for.

      1. Ogre you do know that they are stories and TV shows right? I know you do but I have seen for over 40 years of LE and Military good people under stress do very evil things…

  4. My Dad told me about having a discussion with a bunch of coworkers in the early 80s – stock market down, general feeling of unease, etc and they started talking preps and bug- out plans. After a while, one of the guys says something like, “why would I need to go to all that trouble? I have guns – I’ll just take your stuff.” Then he walked away. The guys stood around contemplating it for a few seconds then in said, “Well, if it all falls apart, first thing we do is shoot that SOB.”

  5. Yeah, I’m guessing that the whole, “Me and my buddy’s have got guns – we’ll just go take what we want.” idea would put you in a perpetual high risk environment. If you are low hanging fruit, woe be unto you but the same goes for being too big a threat to ignore.

    I guess I don’t really even agree with the whole notion of a “dark prepper”. Hanging a fancy new name on them doesn’t really change what they are, does it?

  6. Anyone dumb enough to come right out and say they’ll just use force to help themselves is an idiot.

    We’re not idiots. If you get useful intel, plan accordingly. Maps, lists, whathaveyou. Intel is your friend, and can be gathered and contingencies made long before things go tango uniform.

    I was taught “communications dominate warfare”, but there’s much to be said for intel. Belligerent douche with an m4gery planning to take what he needs? Do what you have to do..

    1. There are a lot of guys out there bragging that that is exactly what they plan on doing. They will not go far or last very long.

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