The Military Handgun again…

This has been going around the Gun Media circles for awhile now… “The Army Wants a New Pistol” or whatever variation on that theme.  The most recent version has Detonics as the shoe in for the contract, in an article designed as nothing more than advertising for Detonic’s pistol “THAT YOU CAN BUY NOW!
Come on… it’s not even clever.  It’s disappointing that Detonics would stoop this low.  This is like as low as calling your single shot .308 Derringer pistol a “Pocket Sniper”.  NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.  Did the guy from EAA’s Advertising do this?
Here’s the facts.  The Army has only a couple years ago signed a whole new contract for more M9 pistols.  They recently signed another new contract to G-Code for holsters for these new M9 pistols.   Here’s a shocker for the initiated… these new holsters are for the M9A1.    So for those in Eugene Oregon, is it maybe possible that the replacement for the M9 just might be the M9A1?
Think about it.


9 thoughts on “The Military Handgun again…”

  1. HAHA! Detonics pretending they’ll receive a DOD contract…..That takes wishful thinking to a whole new level….and to hell with for publishing such tripe.

  2. I obviously missed something. I don’t see where Detonics said any of this. That’s not their blog, and I didn’t see any such comments on their website.

  3. It’s NOT the handgun that needs replacing it’s the ammo! As long as they are limited to FMJ no matter what the caliber or delivery system (gun) the results will be the same. Needed, an Army friendly EFMJ…or the like. The Beretta is perfectly adequate for the tasks set, again it’s the crapy 9mm FMJ round that fails. Same with the FMJ 5.56 from short barrel rifles. As long as the lawyers are in charge no better weapons will be placed in the grunts hands anytime soon.

  4. Is the MTX “really” available? I’ve tried contacting Detonics several times about ordering one (or a frame) to no avail. I’d particularly like to see a schematic of the striker fired version.

  5. Ya know, George. Some of us in Eugene might take offense at that last remark. Not me, mind you, but some of the granola munchers would.

    Unfortunately, they’d take offense not in the fact that Big Green is getting M9A1s to replace their M9s, but that they’re getting guns at all.

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