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I have a lot of favorite knives, but most are from only a few sources.  I’m set in my ways… so mostly I like the Plain and Plain Edged versions of these knives instead of Serrated or Coated if those are options.  And some are no longer in production .  I also favor larger knives as a bigger blade makes work easier.   The Spyderco Native is probably the smallest of the knives on this list outside of the Spikes.  Why I like the Spikes so much?  I’ve no idea – I just do.
Is there a knife on this list that you like too?  Or is there a knife on this list that you just hate?   Let me know.

Fixed Blades:
Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie*
Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion*
Ka-Bar Becker BK11 Necker*
Ka-Bar “Big Brother”.
Ka-Bar “Warthog”.
Buck Omni Hunter 12pt*
Cold Steel Recon Tanto
Cold Steel SRK
Cold Steel Trail Master
Cold Steel Marauder
Cold Steel Scottish Spike
Cold Steel Tokyo Spike
Spyderco Warrior (Formerly known as the REKAT Hobbit Warrior**)
Ontario Marine Raider

Folding Blades:
Buck 110
Buck 110 Paperstone*
Spyderco Native*
Spyderco Native Stainless**
Spyderco Endura
Spyderco Police*
Spyderco Ulize
Spyderco Chinook*
Cold Steel AK-47*
Cold Steel Voyager
Cold Steel Recon Clip Point
Cold Steel Vaquero Grande*
Cold Steel Espada XL G-10*
Cold Steel Talwar XL G-10*
Benchmade AFCK***
Benchmade Rift Osbourne
Benchmade Bedlam*
Benchmade Onslaught
Benchmade Mini-Onslaught*
Kershaw Knockout*
Kershaw Blur

Anything Designed by RMJ Tactical

*Especially Favorited
** Unicorn Knife – Always wanted, never been able to snag.
*** Wish they would bring back!

11 thoughts on “Favorite Blade Roster”

  1. What? No Emersons? I lust after one but my Spydercos work so well I haven’t ante-ed up the 2 bills.

  2. Love the Spyderco Endura as well. And the delica (EDC for me). I’ve got several of each. Same preferences for uncoated plain edges for utility use (while recognizing the flesh-rending aspects of serrated for defense). You should really check out one of the Enduras with a full flat grind (as opposed to the sabre grind they normally have). Amazing slicer, and noticeably lighter as well.

    I wanted to love the Native, but the finger grooves in the grip and overall grip shape just don’t fit right for me, in use or when attempting to open one-handed.

    Lastly, on the subject of Spyderco – for a skinner/gutter for big game, I’m in love with the Bill Moran drop point for ergonomics, edge holding, and easy resharpening. Just use it for slicing – it is partial tang and not meant for woodworking and likely won’t stand up to the abuse the bushcrafters put their knives through. Watch for sales – you can save at least 20 bucks.

    I’ve got the Camillus equivalent of one of the bigger Beckers – Like the blade shape but HATE the slippery grip.

    I’m just getting into Moras – and so far am very impressed, especially for $15-40 price point. Good ergos and good edge-holding so far; haven’t had a need to touch up yet. I wish I’d discovered mora long ago, before spending what I’ve spent in the quest to this point.

  3. I’m on board with the Beckers and the Spydercos. Good stuff and enough different designs throughout the line to have something for just about anyone. A little less impressed with the Cold Steel and Buck offerings of late – mostly because of some quality control issues but still solid choices for the most part. Benchmade is good but strikes me as a little overpriced and too hung up on individual makers rather than the folks who actually use them. Great if you find something that works for you but frustrating otherwise.

    I’ll just throw a few names out here for your consideration:

    Mora. Swedish. Effective. Inexpensive. Just about everything in a fixed blade from caping knives to machetes. Yes, they are as good as you’ve heard.

    Condor. El Salvador. Effective. Inexpensive. Just about everything in fixed blades and folders from the size of a Buck 110 up to and including major league choppers and axes. Hard working, no nonsense tools for the outdoorsman.

    Svord. New Zealand. Effective. Inexpensive to moderate depending on your selection. Extensive use of L6 steel and very comfortable to use throughout the line. Hard to find but worth it.

    Great Eastern. Pennsylvania, U.S.A. . Solid, old time, American craftsmanship and top notch materials. Moderate to expensive depending on your taste. A dizzying array of folding knives in historic patterns as well as some fixed blades thrown in for good measure. Knives your grandfather would have been proud to own.

    Bark River Knives. Michigan, U.S.A. . Modern, semi-customs of exceptional design by Mike Stewart & Co. . Effective. Moderate to expensive depending on your taste. Outstanding sheaths and top notch metallurgy and heat treating. These will grow on you and your children to whom they will be passed on.

    Good deals are where you find them but I’ve had good customer service from Baryonyx Knife Co. in Maine and Knives Ship Free in Oregon.

  4. I see some on your list that I have and/or like.
    Cold Steel SRK
    Cold Steel Trail Master
    Ontario Marine Raider
    Buck 110
    Spyderco Police

  5. I carry a Leatherman Skeletool and I can’t imagine ever using anything else for EDC. Too damn useful, the blade is sharp (and easily sharpenable), it has the tools I need for 99% of what comes up and they’re cheap. It may not be the best fighting knife but if I ever needed it for that I’m sure it would be better than whatever fighting knife I leave at home because it sucks for everything else.

    I keep a Ka-Bar fighting knife in the truck but I never use it. I have a Buck and a Cutco skinning knife. Both of those I’ve used with good results. All the other knives I have stay in a drawer and never get used.

  6. I love the Kershaw Needs work. Straight modified sheeps foot blade, slim, one handed assisted opener.

  7. Yep, to repeat coelacanth, Condor machetes in particular are great. their small knives have their issues-not the best in edge holding after cleaning a few rabbits or grouse in a row, which isn’t exactly a demanding task- but the 12″ bolo is my go-to for big(gish) jobs. The little utility knives are still a good bang for the buck…but for the purpose Mora is better.

    I’m hot and cold on Svord. Great steel, but their QC just bugs me on some of their “Kiwi” series. Uneven grinds, mill scale, molding voids in the grip, not even that sharp in some cases; all that not an issue in other cases. Knifecenter is a good source for Svord at reasonable prices. I’ve got a couple reviews up there of the ones I bought. Never tried Baryonyx but heard great things about their service.

  8. I love edged weapons and my favorite, currently, is the Hissou by CKRT. This lady is one mean piece of steel. You ought to get one, you will like it!

  9. I know I’m a little late to the party. I’m kind of surprised T.O.P.S. knives & Shadow Tech knives were not mentioned. Both U.S. made, both great steel’s, & both pretty hardcore/badass in my opinion. I have several examples from each company & I am extremely impressed on how much you actually get for a very reasonable price. I understand that the black coating these two companies use is not everybody’s cup of tea, but some paint stripper & a little patience can remedy this situation. U.S. made, good steel, good price. The trifecta of a great working blade.

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