Something going on at Kel Tec

Last couple weeks I’ve been stopping in at a lot of gun shops.  And there is something I’ve been seeing that I’ve not ever seen before.  Lots of Kel Tecs in stock.   KSG’s and RFB’s.  The Unicorns.
Something is going on at Kel Tec… They are kicking ass.


3 thoughts on “Something going on at Kel Tec”

  1. I’ve been seeing multiple KSG’s (more than 1 or even 2 in stock…I’m talking about 4-6 shotguns on the rack) at some of the local shops in the past couple of months and I’ve even seen a single RFB on the wall after like a 4 year hiatus. I thought about that RFB for a few minutes but couldn’t justify the 2200.00 + tax they wanted for it. At least KSG’s are under a grand now locally so I might actually get another one and I will even get to pick the color. I would like to get the M48 (I *think* that’s the model number…) bullpup that was at SHOT Show but I hope that I won’t have to wait years and pay scalper prices.

  2. Well, Kel-tec has been open about the problems and they have added personnel and expanded into the medium size business arena. They must improve quality control to hold market and live down the “sometimes they work out of the box” reputation.
    Who waited for Ruger before he bought a pocket pistol.

  3. Let’s see if Kel-tec can first make a gun with a decent trigger pull. I don’t mind a heavy pull (i love my revolvers), I can tolerate a stacking pull, I can even deal with a gritty pull; Ruger I’m looking at you. But I can’t deal with all three on the same gun. Work on it KT!

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