Ogre’s BBQ Baked Beans

It kinda took some guts to post this up in detail like this… But everyone that has tried my Beans loves them and comes back for seconds.

I put up photos and a step by step walk through on the Grilling While Armed FB Page.

Check it out and if you try to make some of your own and follow my guidelines – give me some feedback.

2 thoughts on “Ogre’s BBQ Baked Beans”

    1. You can start with the dry beans… start soaking them the day before. But if you start with canned beans, really you save a lot of time.
      Bush’s Baked Beans are lame as hell. They have no flavor. They have no body. We just use them as a base to build on. Or you can use whatever beans you want. Doesn’t matter. You can go with all Black Beans, or all Kidney Beans. I like a mix because I think it’s more interesting, looks better, and tastes better.

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