Politically Guilty Pleasures

10371395_10203158152608078_9202795256193388648_nHad an interesting conversation with Mark Walters that made me think.  He was cranking some music from Cracker and piloting his CamAARo down the freeway.  We talked briefly about music and he saw that I had some Rage Against The Machine in my play list.   Mark went off.  He will not have RATM playing in his ride… just like he wont listen to a lot of other Leftist musicians, (Bruce Springsteen) or watch movies staring well known Super Liberals like Sean Penn, among others.   Yet he did make the exception for  John Cougar Mellencamp, a known Liberal supporter.  We all make our lines in the sand and make our exceptions for whatever our reasons… and that’s all fine.

While I disagree with RATM politically, I have to say the group has some talent and can really jam.  The music gets me pumped.  Gah… Man… Hold on… I gotta knock out 20 pushups…

Okay, what about film… The actor that played Hawkeye in the series, “MASH”.  Alan Alda.  You know him.  I disagree with Alan a lot, but I still like him.  He’s a humanist and has very well reasoned excuses for his wrong opinions… but he’s thought about them and believes them on a (flawed) intellectual level.  I can respect that.  And I respectfully disagree… So while he’s a big time Liberal – I still enjoy his performances.

Sean Penn though – I almost walked out of the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” when I realized that Sean Penn was in it.   But then I stayed because he at least didn’t speak.  (Maybe he did, but I didn’t hear him) Doesnt matter.  He wasn’t really in it.  Just a couple seconds worth of Cameo here and there.  Anyways… I dislike Sean Penn and can’t watch really anything he’s in.   Because pretty much I don’t care for anything he’s in.   It’s not like he’s in Expendables 4 or Terminator 5… so he’s easy to pass on.

But what music or movies are your politically excused guilty pleasures?

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    1. I think I have most of RATM’s songs memorized. And I may or may not have sung them at the top of my lungs, on stage, in front of an audience, live mic, and dance moves may or may not have happened. But I will not say where or when this might have happened… or not.

  1. I can tolerate most, but the eternal hot place would have to freeze over and I still would never allow anything with Hanoi jane in my house!

  2. For me, it’s James Taylor – there’s none more crunchy-granola, touchy-feely Lefty than him, but his music was an ineradicable part of my childhood.

    I compromised by buying all of my JT albums and videos from secondhand stores – I get the music I loved as a kid, a local family-run business gets my money, and JT doesn’t make an extra dime…

  3. Musically it would be Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor. Movie wise its . . . Well I can’t think of any known lib actor I waste money or time on. I’m very, very picky who and what I watch. If I try to, its ruined by my near constant thoughts of “You slimy mother-f—-r . . .”

  4. Well, movies I would have to say I did like a lot of Paul Newman’s work. I don’t really have time or desire to sit around ragging and tagging movie/musical performers…I guess I am intelligent enough to realise it is the opinions of entertainers, not the burning bush of the gospel.
    I am not saying that I agree politically with any of them. I have found after half a century on this earth there is always someone to hate.
    But as an interesting experiment, let’s pick the most liberal performers, buy tons of their stuff as a group, then watch. How quickly these same people discover the financial impact conservatives have on their public opinion.
    Especially when you effectively drive away their base. I mean showing that we are now their base.
    Might be a waste of time, but I love to see the backpedaling up backwards down Pike’s Peak to explain to liberal friends why they’ve seen the light and they are not it.

      1. My point exactly. And expected results. Although confusing and ultimately the truly selfish nature of liberal left shines through.
        Thanks for the link about the Koch brothers, I had not seen it.

  5. I didn’t really appreciate RATM until they split up. Suddenly, I woke up and realized that I am every bit as pissed as they were, even about some of the same things. But the solution I believe in lies 180 degrees from theirs.

    That being said, Wifev2.0 says “Killing in the Name” is my theme music. That whole “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” thing is kind of my mantra these days.

  6. Tommy Lee Jones would have to be the big one. Guy was Al Gore’s college roommate, but he makes one badass US Marshal.

    1. Again the double standard of the left rears its two faced head to spew venom against legal, law abiding gun owners.

  7. I’ve long accepted that most entertainers aren’t going to agree with me on politics or morals. But I’ll still watch or listen to what they appear in or sing just so long as the material produced isn’t purely intended to tell me what to think.
    Otherwise I couldn’t watch:
    Star Wars (Harrison Ford lectures us on climate change but flies a private plane to get a burger).
    Star Trek (except the message shows obviously, Roddenberry wanted it to be metrosexual communist transvestites in space – and that’s just ‘Encounter at Farpoint’).
    Dr Who (again ignoring the gay rights propaganda)

  8. I hate to admit it publicly, but I do sometimes catch myself watching Tom Hanks movies. Corny stuff like “That Thing you Do.” Then, when he opens his mouth off screen, I feel dirty and that I need to go take a shower. Sometimes I crank up some Ted Nugent music, play it real loud, and feel much better.

  9. Had to laugh at this – I can’t stand these liberal know nothing’s with their naive world views, but I give my Dad a hard time about boycotting movies because of a certain actors politics …. And tell him he’s pretty much left with just watching things containing Tom Selleck, Jon Voight, and Bruce Willis …
    I try not to support them at the box office, but I won’t hesitate to watch a good movie on the tube – even if a liberal jackass is the star

  10. I read plenty of books, and listen to plenty of music, made by people who don’t share my political beliefs. The artists I boycott are the ones who make a point of despising me for disagreeing with them. That’s why (for but one example) I gave up on Stephen King. And the presence of that jackass Marky Mark was why I was reluctant to watch “Lone Survivor,” no matter how good the film might otherwise have been.

    MInd you, I can’t stand RATM either. I have even less use for multimillionaire Hollywood revolutionaries than I do for multimillionaire Hollywood social justice whiners.

  11. Talking about liberals… For the most part, I respect the liberals that have been hurt by gun violence and are trying to do something about it. I think their motives are pure, but the logic is mistaken. Which is worse a misguided liberal or someone that hoards ammo after a tragic shooting instead of joining the NRA?

  12. I suppose I’m mostly too cheap for any “boycott” attempt.

    Don’t go to the movie house as I don’t care to pay good money to sit and attempt to watch a move amongst those who’d rather interrupt with cell phones or other rude behavior. But I will purchase used DVDs (usually at pawn shops while looking for the odd deal on a firearm) at low cost and with nothing going to what passes for an actor/actress these days. Music can be had the same way or through other means ::cough::Usenet::cough::. I don’t watch that much tv but I pay for it because the wife does. I’m more a book reader and will read those I don’t agree with if for no other reason than to “know thy enemy”. Used book stores rock my, er, socks. (Yeah, that’s the ticket.)

    My politically excused guilty pleasure? After all these years I still enjoy Pink Floyd despite Waters’ relatively recent leftard buffoonery.

  13. Mel Gibson is on the wacky side for me but I can watch “We Were Soldiers” damn near every day (Sam Elliot is equally awesome in the movie). What I absolutely refuse to watch is anything Disney as they have always been anti-hunting & anti-gun.

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