The Blade Show

So I finally made it to the Blade Show.  It was fun and I saw many wonderfully crafted bits of sharp metal.  I was tempted greatly to buy many of the wonderfully crafted bits of sharp metal.
A couple of the blades I really liked were from Fremont Knives in Wyoming.   The one they call the Farson Blade, I found most interesting and think it would be very useful.   They also have it in a hatchet style tool.  Of course this is too light to be used like some camp hatchets… But damn if that wouldn’t be awesome for use as a cleaver.  These would be put to great use in the Ogre’s Grilling While Armed Echo Laboratory.
Now, the coolest stuff that resonated with me, was Zombie Tools.


ZT was holding court in style in the lounge, chilling and drinking cold ones, and talking blades with whoever wanted to talk.   They have a wicked Gladius type blade that I love, their axe, (which they call the Traumahawk – shit, I love their names) the cleavers… Gotta have me the Rat Bastard…   Freaking everything they make is just badass to the bone.  Finally meeting them face to face was the highlight.


3 thoughts on “The Blade Show”

  1. I love Zombie Tools, they are located in Missoula MT a 90 minutes drive from my house (just around the corner in Montana). They are nice guys, always willing to chat about their blades. The quality of their blades is first rate and they are designed to be USED not just hung on a wall.

  2. I need to show my father the ZT website; he’s a huge custom knife fan with a serious love of Bowies, and I’d think their “Felon” – and probably their “Tainto” – would be right up his alley.

    Hell, after checking them out, I now want a Felon or a Rat Bastard of my own…

  3. While I’m primarily an axe-type guy, I’d love to have that gladius of theirs. It’s pretty badass.

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