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This report pissed me off.  I grew up reading Guns & Ammo.  Jeff Cooper and a lot of the prior generation writers were guys I looked up to in the Gun Community.  I wanted to live like how those guys lived.    So when I read this report I was filled disappointment and anger and a feeling of betrayal.
Okay, maybe not betrayal… G&A has had some pretty crappy reviews the last… Oh I don’t know… 10 years or so?  They’ve been taking the pigs to the lipstick for awhile.

Now, last year Dick Metcalf came out in support of gun restrictions.  Did so in an article that was published and the readers quickly raised a ruckus about it, and Dick was rather quickly fired.  Many people question why or how G & A went and published that.  This explains that.  This also explains why Dick felt perfectly confident writing that.  And then not apologizing for it, and in fact, insultingly, doubled down on his statements.   I bet Dick was rather shocked he was let go.  This was worse than Recoil Magazine’s SNAFU, because Recoil apologized and made efforts to Un-FUBAR themselves.    G & A pretty much just “we’re sorry you were upset” and brushed it off.  Sure, they let Dick go… but they were obviously not sorry about this.  They were only sorry people got upset.

Well, G & A and Sportsman’s Channel being in bed with the likes of George Soros… SCREW THEM.  I will never look at G & A or Sportsman’s again.


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  1. George Soros is a self-made billionaire. According to the philosophy of Ayn Rand, that makes him a better person than you, me, and the rest of your readers put together. I’m sure that he, Mitt Romney, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg, etc., will be laughing at all of us from Galt’s Gulch, because we sure as hell ain’t gonna be invited.

    1. Seriously?! Making a pile of money automatically makes you one of Rand’s heros? Doesn’t his use of that money to pull the rug out from under our society sorta’ disqualify him?

    2. Soros was a Nazi collaborator, helped round up jews for them and is proud of it to this day. He is a no borders booster and wants all drug legalized and sold to kids as a national policy. He used his money to nearly bring down the UK for personal profit. He has very little to do with the others you’ve mentioned so far…well maybe Bloomberg…

      1. “Soros was a Nazi collaborator,”

        Urban myth. George was 13 when the Nazis occupied Hungary in March 1944, the last year of the war. According to Soros himself, he did deliver deportation notices. The horror! But a 13-year-old kid doing what his father tells him, and warning the recipients of those notices of the danger, is hardly betrayal.

        There’s a lot of reasons to hate George Soros, but the Holocaust is not one of them. Your indignation is better directed at IBM.

        “He used his money to nearly bring down the UK for personal profit.”

        Do you really believe that George Soros caused that currency crisis? Really?! He just profited from the circumstances — caused by the British government — that others did not see coming. According to the Gospel of Rand, that makes him a smart businessman. And what’s wrong with making a profit? Only a Communist would diss him for doing so.

        Besides, if one person with a few billion dollars can “nearly bring down the UK”, isn’t that an argument against gross wealth and extreme inequality? But that sounds like “Occupy” hippy treasonous talk…

        1. That’s not the Soros you describe that I saw being interviewed by BBC 4 last year, he derided the jews he helped rip off for the Nazi’s and when asked it he was sorry he helped them sneered at them and the reporter. AS to the UK crisis many economic reporters disagree with you about his involvement, its degree and how much money he made doing it…..but most agree at least he was in the middle of it and made billions. What is this Rand obsession anyway? She put forth a group of principles nothing more and wrote some LONG books in demonstration. The hero’s in her most famous books were wealthy, earned it themselves with hard work and lost ALL of it to the damn government.

    3. Nope. Making money by parasitism is not the same as earning it.

      Rand’s protagonists made their money by offering better products and services than their competition, not by making best advantage of governmental regulations.

      The ones who made money by gaming the system set up by the government (and often supporting changes to make it easier for them to do so) were the villians in Rand’s stories.

      For example, both Roark and Keating started with nothing, and became rich, but Roark is the hero of the story, and Keating one of the villians. Becoming rich does not make you a hero in Rand’s world – /how/ you get there, does. Mike Donnigan is never rich, by any stretch of the imagination, but nevertheless is considered one of the “good guys” in the same book, because he has integrity.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know that.

    Been getting urgent mailings concerning subscription renewal. I think not.


  3. It’s a shame about the Sportsman’s channel. When I had it (cable provider dropped it), they actually had some decent shooting shows on it.

  4. So this guy owns a PE firm that purchased a media holding co that happens to own a gun rag and an outdoor tv channel. This guy is a bad dude so we should all turn off the channel and stop reading.
    Along with not being allowed to buy anything made in China, these social embargoes are seriously starting to affect my lifestyle…

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