Open Carry Activists.

Congratulations to the Open Carry Activists in Texas.   You got the rest of us all shut out of Chipolte like you wanted.


That is what you wanted, right?  Because, I mean, you guys did see what happened with Starbucks, right?  So getting us shunned at one of our favorite Burrito joints had to have been your goal.  Couldn’t you have picked a place we didn’t like to hold your Activism at?  Like Panera Bread, Checkers, Dairy Queen

Seriously, you guys packing the AR-15’s everywhere… You are ruining Open Carry for Everyone.   The guys that insist Open Carry means they can walk around with AR-15’s and not cause problems – are causing problems. You guys are turning open carry into a 2nd Amendment Gay Rights Parade. Something no one cares about – but you throw it everyone’s faces and dare people to say something. I don’t care if you are gay… But Chaps and a Thong is not dignified attire to be out in public in. Same with an AR-15 Rifle. This isn’t Israel. This isn’t Baghdad. And you are not a PMC Contractor… What you are is an insensitive jerk throwing your rights in people’s faces at the expense of everyone else’s. That’s not the Libertarian Way. 

You guys are not helping.

We want to make Open Carry a normal thing.  And within the gun rights community there is enough people who are actually advocating against OC, giving preference to Concealed Carry Only.   Me, I advocate “Carry”.  Open or Concealed, you are talking about the condition of your Shirt Tails, not the guns… but that’s not the question here.  That’s not the problem.  The problem is you Clownshoes who think you need to walk into the diner with a rifle.     You guys are going to bring down a lot more heat on the 2nd Amendment as a whole rather than get the Middle Ground Folks to come over to our side.   “Oh those guys in the Booney Hats and Shorts with the Scary Rifles… Those were Nice Guys!  I want to be like them!”   No, that’s not going to happen.  Instead you are going to turn those people who don’t mind guns – into people voting against guns.

If you gotta have your Rifle with you when you eat out – Go through the Drive Through!

Look, I’ve OC’d long guns many times.  I’ve slung Tactical Shotguns, AR’s, PSL’s, a Sterling SMG, and rode through town on motorcycles.   But the one thing I never did was was stop and go into a place of business with it, because I knew that even in rural high desert Utah, that was just not acceptable.  Even while “Perfectly Legal” it’s just not acceptable behavior.  Much like wearing a thong and twerking out on Main Street…. Sure, it’s legal.  But it’s also not acceptable behavior.

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  1. Yeah. If they want to do some sort of out in the open protest, I suggest wearing a conspicuously displayed empty holster. It’s perfectly legal, and does not frighten the people whop are neutral on the entire issue.

    1. Yea the whole “empty holster” protest thing is a good conversation starter but I’ve heard of some people from one of the New England forums a number of years ago reporting that people were frisked & violated for wearing an EMPTY holster out in public in the Boston area. People and even some cops freaked out thinking that either someone lost their gun or are hiding it somewhere on there person/in their car.

      1. Thats where carrying an orange / blue gun instead works great. I carried an orange Blackhawk replica a few times in my state capitol building, after securing my standard firearm at the front door.

          1. Because they are out to prove a point. They are going about it all wrong and are in fact doing more harm – far more harm – than good. This isn’t open carry. It’s protest carry.

  2. Some “pro firearms” people are from family trees with no branches. You nailed them perfectly

  3. My God, you hit a homerun comparing the deed to Gay rights. You are 100 percent correct.
    Idiots who play dress up and go out of the way to provoke public attention are only going to hasten the day when the only place you can be armed is your home.
    Before pulling a dumbass stunt need to think how is this going to be judged by the public… is this going to benefit awareness of gun rights, or be detrimental to the actions by those intelligent people who work tirelessly to preserve and expand those freedoms.
    Bravo Ogre, for calling these dipshits on the carpet.

    1. Nothing to add but a big +1. The more I think about it, the more it looks exactly like the gay rights thing pushed by Village People look-alikes showing their bare asses in public.
      These guys couldn’t be farther from the image of the responsible gun owner that is actually representative of most.

  4. I think the phrase we’re looking for is, “Just because you does not mean you should”.

    On another note, does anyone know if these fools are legit? It would be real easy for the Bloomberg cotillion to run a false flag operation; create an incident forcing the unsuspecting commpanies to ban guns. These two bear a little closer examination.

    1. No… there are other photos out there with other groups of gun owners with rifles in front of Chipolte… It’s not just these two clowns.

  5. Yea I don’t get these OC long gun people especially the ones that look like they are living in the alley behind the shop shoving their rights down the throats of others. I hate it when liberals do it to me and I hate it when others make it harder for me as a proud gun owner to find new shooters. Our lifestyle needs a constant supply of new shooters to keep the passion alive but these clowns are attracting the wrong people and at the same time putting out a bad public image.

    1. Does anyone know of any long gun, open carry self defence classes, like there are for handgmind guns – into people voting against guns.

      If you gotta have your Rifle with you when you eat out – Go thro

      uns. I’ve never seen one and amind guns – into people voting against guns.

      If you gotta have your Rifle with you when you eat out – Go thro

      m just curious.

  6. That picture shows that there ARE people that should not be allowed to own a gun. Subtitled “Too Dumb!”

    Just thinking on that . . . . . I wonder if they need a rifle to be able to hit something at twenty feet? (roll eyes)

  7. “But the one thing I never did was was stop and go into a place of business with it, because I knew that even in rural high desert Utah, that was just not acceptable. Even while “Perfectly Legal” it’s just not acceptable behavior.”

    Interesting. Here in NH, it would be “acceptable” for someone to walk into a restaurant with a long gun. Anyone who saw it, would just assume that individual was heading to/from the range (or hunting), and didn’t want to leave it in his vehicle.

    Saw someone walk into a Subway with a FN-FAL slung. No one even batted an eyeball at that.

    I think that’s the real issue, here. Not the type of firearm, but the type of carry. If they were carrying with the rifles slung on their back, would you have the same objections? Or is it because they’re carrying and posing in a “ready to roll” sort of way?

    Carrying the way that they are is the equivalent of someone OC-ing a pistol, and walking around with his hand on the grip. Offensive idiocy, regardless of the type of firearm.

    1. You raise a good point. Here in AZ there are towns where you might be out of place because you didn’t OC. At the same time if I OC’d in the neighborhood in Phoenix I live in, people would certainly be apprehensive about it. I can’t imagine it would be much different in other cities. Had they just slung it over their shoulder and not pose for a photo-op I think the result would be the same, but I base that only on my experience with the usual clientele that Chipotle serves. Ether way, you are right, just be aware of your surroundings and don’t be a dick.

      No matter, there are literally dozens of places near me where I can get a better burrito anyways.

      1. The FN-FAL was in Manchester, the largest city in NH. Granted, smaller than Phoenix, but still as “big city” as it gets around here.

  8. Curious about the dumbass carrying the toyed up SKS in the photo….
    Correct me if I’m wrong but a high cap mag on THAT rifle most likely was not and is not legal. Purely speculating here but most likely a Norinco and if memory serves me correct its not allowed for those type of mods by federal law. I have a memo somewhere from ATF stating what can and can’t be done to specific import weapons/curio relics. And I do recall Norinco was high on the list of no-no mods as they must retain a factory 10rd. fixed mag and no more than 3 mods. Difficult for me to tell if the bayonet lug is still in place in the photo but I do know that the lug plays a big roll as what constitutes the seperation from being moded to the point of an assult rifle classification and a curio relic. Mr. Hill, can you clearify this? If so, and if I’m correct, I’d be curious to know if a LEO, as I’m sure they were on scene, were ever aware of this?

      1. I bought an sks on a whim a few years ago. The seller gave me some 30 round mags, but that was the only mod I made. I don’t see the difference in a 30rd sks and my 30 rd m4 or AR 15. Maybe I’m missing the point though.

        1. Sigman, I guess the point I was trying to make was that based of the info I have, er rather had from the ATF is that this guy pictured with a hicap mag in a curio relic rifle was in violation of federal law. But again I can’t tell from the pic if it still retained the bayonet lug which is in part of the law on whether or not hicap mags can be used. And again I wish I had that damn memo from ATF stating so and post it on here to back my claim. Reckon I need to recant my original posting, sorry.

  9. I have no problem with open carry being a legal option but I personally will not do so. I carry concealed because I don’t want the vermin knowing I have a gun until it’s too late. Granted that OC can deter some crime, but what i’m afraid of is the hardened criminal hell bent upon destruction. All open carry does with him is tell him who to shoot first so that you never have a chance to use it.

    1. I agree. If a bad guy sneaks in someplace unnoticed, he will take out the people flaunting their guns first. If the firearm is concealed, it may give you at least a few seconds to get to cover, and possible save lives. I don’t want people to know what I am carrying, unless all hell has broken lose, then all bets are off.

      1. That is just a theory. There are actually several cases where thugs said they avoided a place because they saw people with guns inside.

        Goblins rarely attack an armed party. Yes, it happens… but it’s rare.

  10. I absolutely agree, but there is one flaw in your analogy: Look where gay rights are today… Just a thought.

  11. where is earl pitz when you need him? maybe they are deer hunters? no.. maybe DICK’S new models for their new gun department? no… oh,oh i got it; they can’t fight and/or have small peckers, but look at our BIG GUNS !!! I’m so glad that i have never encountered people like this.. well maybe not.. open debate is always good, if ears can hear..

  12. Thanks for expressing my sentiments on this one. I actually tried to post similar thoughts on HuffPosts which they probably would have liked but was blocked undoubtedly do to my past comments. Once again the NRA cannot find, well, you know, on this and they wonder why I won’t renew.

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