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As you guys know, I’m a fan of LUCID optics.   I have used several LUCID HD7 Red Dot sights, and have found them to be fantastic “bang for the buck”.  Actually they are more than that.  They really do blow everything else out of the water that’s in their price range… and in fact, to get something better than an HD7, you seriously have to spend double the money.  And then you have to ask yourself why you bothered to spend the extra cash.

Now, the HD7 is built for use on AR’s or other Flat Top rifles. Say you want to use a Red Dot on an AK or a Shotgun or M1A Scout or something… you need a shorter red dot. LUCID has you covered with the M7 optic that allows you to mount it nice and low where you need it. I’ve shot an AK with the M7 on it and it worked great… But I do not have one. Yet. I’ll get one soon and I plan on using it on one of my 870.

LUCID also has a couple very nice rifle scopes. I have an L5 and I love it.  I’ve not done any videos of it… but let’s just say that this scope is wicked good.   I really like it.  And I’m jaded and picky when it comes to rifle scopes.   The Lucid L5 passed my expectations by far for the price point.    I do plan on doing some videos on the L5 after we finish our relocation.

Now here’s something very cool.  LUCID has given me a Coupon Code for a Discount to give out.  I’ll give it to you now.  “MyLucidDeal” is the code… use it at Check Out and then let me know you ordered it.  

10 thoughts on “Discount Code for LUCID OPTICS”

  1. I’m leaning more toward a 2-7x or 3-9x Zoom, hopefully with an illuminated reticle.
    Who took a half day to hit the range with his new SWaMPy AR-15 Sport.

  2. 2 things…first off is that I would love to get a small red dot for my Benelli M4 and I think I’ve now found my optic. Second is, you’re relocating again? Where to now?

  3. How does the M7 compare with the Primary Arms red dot and the Vortex SPARC?

    Main thing I’m interested in is that I like the SPARC and feel it’s a better built optic than the PA red-dot. BUT… the SPARC doesn’t sit low enough to allow the use of iron sights on my AKs. The PA allows the use of irons (as would an Aimpoint T1 or H1) because they sit lower. So, does the M7 sit as low as a those optics?

    1. Think I just answered my own question. Found one of Oleg Volk’s pictures showing someone with an Ultimak and an M7 on their AK and it looks like irons will work with it. Looks like I’ll have to pick up at least one and possibly two M7s then. 🙂

  4. I am a Lucid junkie thanks to Ogre. My HD7 is tricked out with the ADM sourced two lever return to zero QD mount upgrade, the killflash, and modified Butler Creek flip up caps.

    I have two M7 microdots and actually prefer them to the big HD7. They are just as rugged, and are Aimpoint micro size and weight. One is in an ADM AD-170 VPG QD mount for an AR15. That is a low .60″ high mount that gives a perfect absolute cowitness, which matches cheekweld perfectly on that rifle.

    The other is mounted low, no riser, directly on the rail of my tactical Rem 1100 shotgun. Impervious to recoil.

    What I DON’T have is a Lucid scope. That L5 is very tempting.

  5. Well I recently got an AR mid length 16 and while I can contort myself to put my close up bifocal lens to use the iron sights I’d kind of like something faster even if its just across the room ranges. So thanks for the discount code in advance.
    I’ve gone with an AR because I need low recoil, low apartment wall penetration, and a reasonable number of rounds. I might be able to handle a shot gun in the future but right now if I want the accuracy and fairly easy handling an AR is it.

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