The two most interesting new combat rifles

I remain terribly jaded about new guns and I feel like I get more and more guarded the more new and more improved something claims to be. However there are two new rifles out that have raised my critical eyebrow.
#2.  The Beretta ARX100.

This is the third choice to the SCAR or ACR question. This is the Dodge to the Ford vs Chevy debate. It brings to the table some new concepts, while keeping within the confines of the tradition auto-rifle layout that is familiar to most American Shooters. But it does so with a wicked truly modular approach reminiscent of H&K.

#1.  The IWI TAVOR (TAR-21)

This rifle is special.  In my opinion it’s the best new developed combat purposed arm since the AK-47.  It’s the promise of the Bullpup Rifle Concept, finally fulfilled.  And it’s been the one rifle that I’ve been wanting for over a decade now.  Now that it’s out and people have been trying it out – it’s not disappointed.  It really is that good.    It gets the #1 Position for a many of reasons.  First, it’s a Bullpup.  Which means you don’t have to SBR it to make it short and maneuverable for CQB or Vehicle purposes.  You don’t have to get it as a pistol and put on an Arm Brace to skirt the $200 Tax Stamp and months and months of waiting for the Approval to come back.  You can cross most state lines with it (Just stay away from New England) without having to ask permission or document notification or other red tape BS.   It gives you rifle length ballistics instead of SBR ballistics.  This is a huge advantage with 5.56mm.    And unlike most Bullpups, you can fire it off the left or rifle shoulder, or convert it to left or rifle as you wish.  Best yet… It’s not Vapor Ware.   I can go to two local shops and find one available.    And when I do eventually get one – I’m getting one, just a matter of timing – I’ll be able to trust it with confidence.  The Israelis have engineered this rifle extremely well… because it had to be.  While it’s still quite new in the history of small arms, it’s been proven constantly in conflicts since it’s come out.   You can buy it in different flavors… one, like the IDF’s version (but semi-auto of course) and the others with all full length Picatinny rail on top for all your Optics mounting needs.  Black or Tan, and with 16″ or 18″ barrels.   I think I’d take a black, 16″, flat-top version.

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    1. The Desert Tech rifle is slick… but they took a lot from the TAVOR. And at SHOT they only brought out 3D Printed examples of what the design is going to be. So there is a lot of R&D left to go in the DT. I have high hopes for the DT, but that’s neither here nor soon. The TAVOR is here and now and damn good. The DT, at it’s best, can really only hope to equal the TAVOR.

  1. That’s a tough one. But I think I’ll side with the Tavor. I fired on in Kuwait and loved it. Very handy and pointable.
    I’ll reserve judgment until I shoot the Beretta. I love Beretta so I want to give them a fair shake.

  2. By “New England,” you mean, “only Massachusetts and Connecticut,” right?

    Because either would be legal in the other New England states. And Federal law allows peaceable journeys even through those two hell-holes (given that they are surrounded by so many gun-owners, they’ve had adequate opportunity to learn that lesson).

      1. New Jersey and New York (along with PA, DE, DC, and the Virginias) are Mid-Atlantic, not New England. We might have to put up with being associated with MA and CT, but NY and NJ ain’t ours…

          1. That’s Federal, so there’s nothing that NY can do about it.

            And the link you provided agrees:
            “It is unlawful for any person to carry, possess or transport a handgun in or through the state unless he has a valid New York license. (A provision of federal law provides a defense to state or local laws which would prohibit the passage of persons with firearms in interstate travel if the person is traveling from any place where he may lawfully possess and transport a firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and transport such firearm and the firearm is unloaded and in the trunk. In vehicles without a trunk, the unloaded firearm shall be in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console).”

  3. I’m very meh on the Beretta as the Euro styling really kills it for me. It looks like it has a pot belly or is pregnant…is that even necessary??

    I’ve wanted a Tavor since I heard the rumor that one would be actually sold to us lowly civilians (I think DSArms was the initial importer…) but once I got to actually fire one my opinion is that they are overpriced and should be in the 1000.00 range. The triggers on them are heavy & long and the tall popsicle style sights will get the job done in a pinch but there is no way I would ever rely on them.

    As far as you (George) being able to go to your local shop and picking one up, well I can go to no less than 3 local shops and get my pick of no less than 5 off the wall…one shop even has about 15 of them on display. I’ve watched customers ask to hold one and in less than a minute it gets handed back with that unimpressed look on their face once they look at the price tag (1700.00). Not really the big seller it was supposed to be.

    1. Probably because most people don’t understand the Tavor. It’s “Different” and folks don’t like things being too different.
      The Beretta, SCAR and ACR have familiar things about them. You can pick it up and run them without having to be shown how. The TAVOR, you need to be shown… briefly… and then it makes perfect sense.

    1. I saw that and thought it was a new model I hadn’t heard of. Figured it must be a 7.62mm version. Got me all excited before I realized it was a typo…

  4. Well as far as not being a big seller that seems to be a myth as they sold ten or fifteen thousand more than they anticipated.

    Yep it is expensive, but that is what happens when you bring a new gun to market. That R&D cost gets soaked up by the early adopters.

    Personally I have not picked up my AR since I got the Tavor. Yes the stock trigger sucks, but the aftermarket will fix that soon.

    Other than the trigger I love this gun even more than my Stag arms lefty that I put together. The ergonomics seem to fit me perfectly. The perceived recoil is much less than my AR-15s. It just seems to work better. It sits right up there with my Scar 17 for the fun factor.

    Not sure how they will address the MD market as yet (I got mine before the silly ban, may there be a pox upon O’Malley) with the length requirement as I think it is a bit too short to be legal in MD.

    It definitely is the raining bullpup champion for me.

  5. Ummm strike my last comment. I posted before I watched the TAVOR video. Ooooooo Daddy want . . . I am a cheap skate but I’d pay the 2k for it.

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