THIS is what it’s all about.  Luke Adams of Adams Holsters is a freaking Artist with Leather.  This… This is stunning… This is the most beautiful holster I’ve ever seen.  Does a holster get any better?   Hell No.

See, Tactical Kydex is fine when the job requires it.  But when it doesn’t… Why not step it up?

10 thoughts on “Leather”

  1. Your Adams holster is a thing of beauty! Just curious, what materials were used in its construction?

  2. “Well, there I was by the Zambezi river, and I saw this croc attack this baby elephant that was taking a drink in the river, and I had this flash of inspiration…”

  3. Thanks guys appreciate the compliments, this rig just turned into something special. Two of my favorite hides, gator is tough to work with sometimes and looking at this piece I just had a bit of inspiration and this was the result;)

    Take care!


  4. Even Luke’s basic holsters are works of art. I bought a IWB Texas Rig, for a Glock 20. Comfortable, practical, and makes a big gun concealable, that is a work of art in my book.

  5. Great looking holster, but we’ve come to expect nothing less from Luke. Everything he produces reeks of quality. Two thumbs way up.

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