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The shotgun remains the most versatile arm we have in our armories.  For home defense, it is without equal.  Yet they are always forgotten and neglected.  They are not the guns that people pull out to show friends.  The classic 870 Remington is still my favorite.  Now, my friends at Scalpel Arms have taken the 870 to heart as well… They did the 870 proud.

The finish is pure art… but what I like about it best is the 12.5″ Barrel.  It looks good… nice and tight.  And done right, will still shoot very well.  But I think I like 14″ the best… but I’m not sure.  I need to test both side by side to see which works the best.

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  1. Pretty cool but the only thing that I don’t like about the shorty shotguns is the even more restrictive magazine capacity. The biggest handicap of any shotgun is capacity so the shorter you go the bigger the disadvantage.

  2. I assume this needs the ATF AOW permit and tax stamp? If so a lot of states like mine (WA) will not allow them so what is the use for us?

      1. Move? Nah, in other respects WA is very gun friendly, no registration, no restrictions on AR’s, Must issue CWP, personal sales ok without FFL (though that could change this year with a vote on an initative on the ballot…). Move to where? Oregon? CA? (blegh!) Idaho maybe….

        1. Someone tried to get that sort of mandatory-FFL-usage restriction placed here in NH. There was a vote to kill the bill. Only 28% of the representatives voted in favor of keeping it alive for discussion. That bill had, arguably, the most chance of passing of any anti-gun bill in recent history.

          I wouldn’t class a state that requires someone to be fingerprinted like a common criminal in order to carry as “very gun friendly.” The NRA’s gun law list for WA doesn’t make it sound very friendly, at all. Heck, even a misdemeanor warrant is sufficient for them to deny someone a license? In NH, “innocent until proven guilty” rules, and even a felony indictment is not considered grounds for refusal to issue a license. And you need to be 21? We don’t even have a minimum age; if I, as a parent, trust one of my kids with a firearm, it’s no business of the government to interfere in that.

          Doesn’t sound like, “must issue,” given the list of reasons for which they can refuse.

          Also sounds like they can prohibit carry if the governor declares an emergency. I can’t imagine a time when carrying a firearm would be /more/ necessary than during an emergency situation. And it sounds like there’s some ambiguous law that would allow someone openly carrying to be arrested if some irrational individual felt “intimidated” by the presence of a firearm. Here, the Attorney General has ruled that it’s unreasonable to fear firearms, so the mere presence of a firearm cannot be grounds for a “disturbing the peace” sort of charge.

          Sorry to be a downer, but the list you gave sounds like, “and they only beat me three times a day” to someone living in a place that’s actually gun-friendly… If someone seriously suggested registration, here, the only thing that would save him is that most everyone would just assume he was insane. We don’t even allow them to register CCW’s – such records are kept by the individual department that issued the license, and checking one requires that the officer actually pick up the phone and call that department, so they almost never bother, which means that someone could just use a forgery and likely never run into an issue… aside from the fact that he wouldn’t even need the forgery, because he can just /tell/ the officer that he has one, and the officer has to take his word for it unless he can come up with a legally-legitimate reason to claim the guy is a liar.

          1. I’m not sure what you are talking about if you’re referring to WA. The application for concealed carry does require finger printing but it’s hardly makes you feel like a criminal and it’s only for the initial application not for renewals. Misdemeanor warrants or arrest do not by themselves negate a CWP unless it’s a Domestic violence case and even then revocation of the permit requires a conviction. In order for permits to be accepted in other states they generally require fingerprint confirmation…No one can be refused a permit if they meet the legal requirements the list of items that can prevent issue is very small and openly challengeable in court. I know because I have had occasion to fight this issue in court for valid reasons and normally lost. Never heard about the governors power to suspend permit carry in WA but I would think that emergency powers during emergencies in a lot of states contain the same. The initiative this year is not in the legislature it’s a citizens intuitive being voted on by the citizens at large. The last two such failed but it’s always a new day in politics. I also have no idea if you are talking about WA in the open carry area. This is an open carry state and for some kind of police action requires a “reasonable” belief of harm rather than somebody that just don’t like guns…As strange as it seems guns have been the “third rail” of politics in this state for a long time….

  3. I have a friend that does some very nice Dura-coat work. Take a look

    I second the poster above that commented about mag capacity of a 12.5″ gun. That’s why the KSG, and that other one — are so appealing. I’m sure they’re heavy fully loaded, but hell, just load each tube with 5 and you’re doubling the capacity of most police shot-guns.

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