Frequently Asked Questions from Facebook Messages.

What is your favorite pistol?
Depends on the intended use.  Since I mostly talk about defense use of firearms, I’m guessing you are talking about my favorite defensive pistol… In that case it’s the Glock 23.   I’m sure most readers are shocked about that.  (Sarcasm) Overall and ultimately, the favorite pistol that I posses is my 1911.  It’s a bone stock Springfield 1911 GI model and it is my favorite handgun.  While I do not shoot it or even talk about it with any regularity, it holds a special fondness in my heart that I can’t explain, and if I had to explain it to you then you would not understand.  My favorite gun to just “plink with” would probably be my Beretta 92FS.  And I can’t explain that either.

What is your favorite caliber?
Again, depends on the purpose… overall and ultimately my favorite cartridge is probably the .17HMR. That little round continues to baffle and amaze me.  It’s insanely accurate and the damage that the .17 Hornady V-Max load is capable of is almost supernatural.  If you are talking defensive cartridges for handguns, well, 10mm but I am economically disadvantaged to enjoy it as much as my appetite for it allows.  So I satisfy myself with the shorter and weaker version called the “.40 S&W”.    For big bore rifle hunting, 7mm Remington Magnum is my pick for longer range hunting while .45-70 is my choice for closer range work.  However anything I can do with .45-70, I can probably do and would rather do with a 12 Gauge Slug.

If you had to “Pick Just One”?
That’s easy, and I’ve said it before… If I could only have just one gun, it would be a Remington 870 12 Gauge.  Potent and versatile, I can hunt anything from humming birds to African Elephants by just using the right shell for the job.  And I’ve hit targets with it from 0 to 400 yards (Have Witnesses) with my 18″ smooth bores, nothing fancy or specialized.

Do you still hate the AR-15?
No.  When I wrote “That” the AR-15 was finicky and troublesome, and I personally had several that were completely useless as rifles.  Moving on from that time, the AR-15 platform has had a lot of development and people have generally figured out how to build them to run.  Now days, even a cheap entry level AR from a 3rd tier maker is going to run pretty well if you take care of it.  And a good one will run pretty well even if you don’t.  My current rifles have reliability records that I would not have believed when I wrote the Why I Hate The AR-15 article.  Daniel Defense remains my top choice for an off the shelf rifle.  Crusader Weaponry for a custom rifle.


5 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions from Facebook Messages.”

  1. You forgot to add:

    Will you play “candy crush saga”, Farmville, angry birds, mafia wars, 777 casino palace, etc.

    Also “add your birthday to my stupid calendar app, where is your Facebook movie, and what color/mythical creature/care bear/my little pony are you?

  2. Got a Springfield Trapdoor Carbine for short ranged work. Nice deer killer. Concur that .45-70 will get the job done within a few hundred yards.

    I’ll live with the fact that it has rifling … but then my 8 bore is also rifled, so nvm …

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