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Woke up from a nightmare that I can’t stop thinking about.  It was extremely vivid and real.  HD Dream.  Sight, sound, smell… and when I woke up, I could still feel the phantom pains of my injuries.
In the dream,  I was leading my youngest child to the car.  It was night and I was parked in a dark area of a large parking lot filled with vehicles.   I put my boy in the car, walked around and got in… and suddenly this huge guy made of darkness that smelled of coal and burned rubber jumped me.  He started grabbing me through the open window.  I had to fight him off from a position of disadvantage.  He had a box cutter.  I had a gun, but it was not chambered and I struggled to get it loaded while fighting this dark – thing. I was getting cut badly, but finally got my gun into play.  Keeping my left arm high, I emptied the gun under it and into the Attacker, who fell away.  The muzzle blast was ferocious with heat, light, and concussion.   My boy was screaming.  I had blood everywhere. There was lots of pain. 
And then I woke up.

I can’t stop thinking about this dream.

My situational awareness was high.  But everything was wrong and I knew it.  Where I parked, the window down, the gun in Condition 3.  

I can only come to one conclusion.
I need a new gun.


  1. JohninMd.(help!)'s Gravatar JohninMd.(help!)

    Have had a similar ‘mare as well, come home w/widely to discover door ajar. Go in all ninja shit, 1911 in hand and ready, playing “search for burglar”. Get to bedroom and see gun cabinet is open.You know, I just GOTTA open the damn bathroom. door, last thing I see before waking up shaking is the muzzle flash of my own damn 16 ga.!

  2. Geoff a well known Skeptic's Gravatar Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Perhaps a Galco under your right arm? Area lighting for your truck? A Captain America (TM) style shield (TM) on your left arm? Daily hearing Aids sound protection / wolf ears ($3,800 US – Guarantee if they work or not you WILL pay the $3,800…) A compact Beretta Px4 Storm or SERIES M9A1 Compact Bruniton (made in US) (I didn’t know Beretta had a factory in Us, but the Balkans are in their Area of Commercial Interest.)

    Who needs to go rent an M9 maybe with Suppression.

  3. Pete's Gravatar Pete

    In your dream, what gun were you carrying? Was it your normal carry gun? Also, was the trigger spongy/hard to pull once loaded, or was it just condition 3?

    And what new gun are you looking for?

    • MadOgre's Gravatar MadOgre

      My dream did not have those details. But for some reason I woke up really wanting a SIG 220 Compact or P245. (Same thing)

      • 02/08/2014    

        I was gonna ask, “Striker or hammer fired?” :-) I’m taking my P245 with to CCW class early tomorrow AM.

      • Pat-inCO's Gravatar Pat-inCO

        P220 Compact is nice, but for the slight difference in cost and length, I’d get a P227 (also adds four to the round count).

        Better yet, get both.

  4. Frank the Wanderer's Gravatar Frank the Wanderer

    Not exactly. What you need is MORE guns.
    You’re welcome.

  5. Nutz40's Gravatar Nutz40

    Cheese is nice for supper. Dream told you that you have been well trained and realize the effects of you actions.

    • MadOgre's Gravatar MadOgre

      Spaghetti and some salad for dinner – which didn’t sit well in my stomach.
      And then I watched 3 episodes of SUPERNATURAL in a row before I went to bed.
      That’s probably the root cause of the nightmare.

  6. mattitude's Gravatar mattitude

    That’s more along the line of a night terror which is more vivid & real than a nightmare. I had terrible night terrors when I was on Lyrica and it got so bad that I was afraid to go to sleep. I can empathize with how your felt waking up.

    • MadOgre's Gravatar MadOgre

      Went to be stone cold sober and clean. Not even an Advil in my system.
      Which may have been the problem.

  7. HMPlatinum's Gravatar HMPlatinum

    I come to the same conclusion with my dreams, as well.
    I need a new pistol.

    Of course, I come to that conclusion when I go buy milk, too.

  8. Sulaco's Gravatar Sulaco

    I occasionally have such dreams and my recurring problem is the gun I have, sometimes a revolver sometimes a SA, sometimes don’t know; the trigger is like a Ruger LCP X 100. No matter how hard or long I pull the trigger I never get to the point of sear break…..last time I remember reading something about zombies before beddy bye……

    • MadOgre's Gravatar MadOgre

      I hate that dream… I’ve had it too.

  9. Blackwatch85's Gravatar Blackwatch85

    Very similar dreams here, however, the most common “theme” for mine is that my weapon (long gun or pistol) either makes the loudest sound EVER……”click”, and I have an “Oh fudge!” moment. The other version is one where whatever “gremlins” I’m engaging are just soaking up bullet after bullet to no effect, where upon I have to transition to “hands on”.

    While in the empty hand portion of my dream/nightmare, it’s like fighting a tar baby. Plus, they’re ALWAYS bigger, stronger, and out number me. It’s like fighting a Gummy Bear hopped up on meth! The one thing that never deviates is that somehow I overcome said meth-injesting Gummy Bear and dispatch them with a cervical break (do Gummy Bears have a skeletal system?). I always wake up with that sickening feeling that I just barely survived but only by snapping their neck. I guess years of ju jitsu/martial arts combatives combined with firearms have rendered quite the nocturnal fantasies (?).

    Oh, well, a new pistol would probably fix all of that… least that’s what I believe.

  10. 02/09/2014    

    Your subconscious dislikes condition 3.

    Easy enough to fix.

  11. Noishkel's Gravatar Noishkel

    Well… call me crazy but when I get around to carrying I’ll probably just throw my Witness 10mm loaded with some Corbon high end up ammunition.

    Call me silly but if it falls into the pot enough for me to have to draw on someone I want to hit them REALLY hard.

    • Sulaco's Gravatar Sulaco

      Have you read what the topic of this conversation was? It was not about CCW.

  12. 02/11/2014    

    Freakin’ hate dreams like that. Had the “active shooter in the workplace” dream a while ago, and I still vividly remember it. Found myself face-to-face with the shooter, thrust my hand into my pocket and grabbed for my Ruger LCR .357 (which I didn’t, and still don’t own in real life), only to discover that my pocket was empty. I was hit with the horrible realization that I was about to die… and then I woke up.

    Left me rattled to the point where I was actually afraid to go to work the next morning.

  13. Sulaco's Gravatar Sulaco

    Raptor, sounds like the Powers are telling you to get that Ruger LCR NOW!

    • 02/18/2014    

      Nah, I’ve discovered that I don’t care for snubbies.

      Fortunately, I picked up a used SIG P232 two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it came with a broken takedown lever, so it’s back at the factory right now.

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