Vitals of Defense

I know a lot of Firearms Instructors. Let me rephrase that… I know a lot of excellent Firearms Instructors. One of the best, and one that I am proud to call a Friend, is Daniel Shaw. You may know him from GUNFIGHTER CAST.  Daniel spent a lot of time training US Marines to be better Marines. He has translated his Military experience into a very good practical approach to Self Defense with a Firearm. This isn’t a regurgitation of other training, this isn’t rehashing of other training programs. This is a fresh and new approach without hype, and without fanfare. Daniel is very easy going, none of that over the top bravado that some trainers have… Outside of Training, He’s one of the best guys I know. You are going to enjoy this training program, you are going to learn a lot from this program, and you will be glad you got it. I’ve been watching it and it’s fantastic. I look forward to taking one of his courses in person one day.

There are two parts and each is only $5.56.  That’s less than lunch a drive through.


5 thoughts on “Vitals of Defense”

  1. Thanks for the reference and the link. I liked what I saw in the trailer video – gonna’ have to order those DVDs.

  2. Well, I ordered the download. After 30 min of looking for it on my computer and downloading Real Player, I’ve nothing to show for it. I have emailed them hoping to try again, we’ll see what happens.

  3. I really should try to take a class from him sometime this year since he is now in Wichita. I’m really happy that Thunderbird Tactical has started to expand and hired him. For a long time, there just weren’t very many options for training beyond basic concealed carry courses here in the middle of Kansas. Seems like you had to drive to Arizona for just about everything.

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