Zimmerman’s Clownshoes

There is something definitely wrong with George Zimmerman.   The man isn’t thinking clearly.
His incident with Travon Martin shows bad judgment.   The actions were shown in court to be not illegal,  but were not wise either.
Then the incident with his wife… bringing his girlfriend with him to the house.  Again,  drastically unwise.  And now with this girlfriend – pregnant girlfriend.   Allegedly pointing a gun at her and throwing her out of her home while she’s on the phone with 911.
GZ has a problem with his decision making process.   The part of the brain that does the Threat Assessment processing clearly isn’t working.   Cost vs Benefit.   Actions vs Accountability.   None of that seems to be working in his head.
One incident (The Travon Martin one specifically) doesn’t legally effect the other… remember that GZ was found innocent by law.  However there is the big picture that shows a pattern of poor judgment.  Which will be used by the Anti-Gun Main Stream Media against gun owners.  Poor judgment isn’t a felony on its own.   If it was, 90% of Congress would be behind bars.
This is important because the media is branding GZ as the Self Defense Poster Boy.  In the eyes of the Media, he is the example of the Stand Your Ground law and arguments are going to slide in that direction.   Any self defense case that can be, will be compared to GZ.  To counter that in the court of public opinion, either in conversations at work or online, you need to be armed with some truths and other examples… better examples.
Allow me to give you a source of good examples.
Lessons from an Armed America,  by my good friends Mark Walters and Kathy Jackson.  Cases of self defense,  all documented, showing how guns save lives.   Join the USCCA, get the Concealed Carry Magazine.  Such stories are in every issue.  Read them.
Also, watch the news and look at the cases where good triumphed over evil because Good was prepared and armed.
We can’t let the opposition use one guy as an example of how gun owners are… that we are all like GZ.  We need to show that WE are the Main Stream America.  We are the norm.  When GZ comes up, turn the conversation to another example of Self Defense in the right.

17 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s Clownshoes”

  1. And don’t forget the Armed Citizen section, found in every issue of NRA’s American Hunter and American Rifleman.

  2. The statement ” he is the example of the Stand Your Ground law ” is false, though it has been portrayed that way by most of the media. The Travon Martin case had nothing to do with and was not an instance of “stand you ground” (which phraseology does not appear in any Florida statute). Zimmerman was walking back to his car when he was jumped from behind and knocked to the pavement. It was self defense, and the trial showed that.

    1. See Jim that’s the thing. He is going to be put up as the icon by the Media and for the mass public and uneducated voters out there, Perception is the Reality to them. Just look at all the Travon Supporters out there… Who’s side are they on? GZ embodies everything wrong with The Law and The System to them.

  3. In addition, his actions with his girlfriend are alleged, and honestly not very credible. If there wasn’t a claim of a firearm being involved, no one would give a shit. I can’t state whether gz is smart or contains a lick of common sense, but I feel too many people jump on the bash gz bandwagon over allegations and lies all too easy.

    1. Did you hear the 911 Call? Alleged yes, but that 911 call where you can hear GZ is pretty damning.
      And I’m not saying he’s guilty of anything… I’m just point out that the Perception is going to be used against us as much as possible by the Main Stream Media.

  4. I’m not what you would call a GZ fan or the like, but I also don’t believe everything that I read & see in the media about him. Sure he doesn’t seem to display the best judgment but ever since his trial the media and part of the public opinion already convicted him way before the jury set him free. The thing with is wife, she admitted to lying about him pointing a firearm at her but of course that doesn’t get much notice because he sounds more evil with the original charge and the media wants him to keep his notorious public image.

    I believe his biggest problem is that he’s still in the same place since the whole Travon incident and every idealist cop or anyone who believe that he walked away from justice will be out for him. He gets national media attention for a damn speeding ticket…WTF!!! I’ll just have to play the wait & see game as to what really happened between him and his girlfriend before casting stones as I try to not get caught up in these types of media circuses.

    1. And having gotten that attention for the ticket, you would think he would want to be keeping a low profile and avoiding confrontation. But he’s not. Seems to be looking for it, I don’t know… He’s not thinking right. And he IS getting Media Attention and if you listen to the Reporter’s questions during his Attorney’s statements… It’s all about the guns.

      1. He isn’t ever going to be allowed to have a low profile.

        He is the target of the media’s new jihad. They seized on him as a target because they caught a whiff of mall-ninja.

        They will keep the magnifying glass on this ant until he bursts into flames.

        1. Which is why he really needs to go someplace else, and keep a low profile. Get out of the cities.

  5. I am convinced that this current behavior is a result of the harassment and focused /political/illegal prosecution of the trial. His entire life up to that point was, as far as I can tell, one of self-control (mostly) and service. After the trial not so much. I think there is a good possibility he was mentally/emotionally damaged by it (he is over a million in debt) and on one level now misses the attention and notoriety that came with it. He was “famous” and known hated/defended by everyone in the country. Now he’s a no body except when in trouble and then the media cares…that’s partly my take anyway….

    1. I’m sure of it. I’m sure there is anger there. Resentment. Victimization. And all valid explanations for the behavior but not excuses for the behavior.

    2. Additionally, if you take someone and treat him like a criminal long enough, eventually he figures, “what they heck – I might as well do something to deserve the way I’m being treated.” Not consciously, but somewhere deep down in his subconscious, there’s a desire to address the disparity between one’s self-image and one’s treatment by others. In some percentage of cases, the brain says, “well, just act how you are being treated.”

  6. When my father, a police sniper, shot and killed a kidnapper holding a little girl hostage, he was hailed as a brave hero.

    In the years following until he retired, occasionally someone with a beef with him or looking to score an opportunity would accuse him of threatening to kill them “with his high powered rifle”, “from miles away”, “in a freak snowstorm”, “using nuclear tipped bullets”, “they would never see it coming”, and “the last thing they would see was the speeding nuclear glow of the bullets coming towards them”.

    Point being, when you are known to have crossed the line, no matter how justified, there are those who would seek to use it against you. Every time I read a new thing about GZ I doubt the veracity of the accusation. GZ may be not thinking clearly, but unfortunately he is going to be dealing with this kind of crap.

    The smartest thing GZ could do is move far away, change his name, and attempt to start a new life.

  7. Hell, Zimmerman exercised poor judgment on the night of the incident that made him famous.

    If he’d had the proper mindset, he would have painted Martin orange with OC the instant he approached aggressively, and none of us would have known either of their names.

    But, he didn’t. And when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    Now, I believe that he was justified in shooting when he did. Hell, that’s the ONLY thing he did right that night.

  8. I’m thinking that The Zim’s actions of late are a form of PTSD. You can read the full Zim/Martin travesty on Ayoob’s pages. That was more than just marginally legal. Of late, he does seem more than marginal in his decision making process. Like I said, to me it look like PTSD.

  9. The fact remains, poor GZ is a victim of the Fascist Propaganda Press. If I win the lotto tonight I’ll start a campaign here in FL for the “Dead Doper Law” where you cannot be prosecuted if the perp has traces of ANY illegal substance in the carcass.
    Who is NOT a nice fellow and the Zimmerman persecution and subsequent actions and statements by the Law Ghods whizzed me off!

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