Only Three.

There are only three people in DC that are worth a damn.
Ted Cruze, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.
Everyone else is completely useless and dangerous. And what’s worse is that the GOP is flat out against them.
Working with the Democrats means giving in to them.  Look at our Nation.  How’s that worked out for us?
The argument is that if we dont, we lose elections.  Whats the point if we give in regardless?   You know why we lose elections?  Two reasons.
One:  Open Caucuses.   We let anyone come in and vote for the Republican candidate… this lets the Donks pick our Candidate.   Thats how we got McCain as our Candidate which is why we have Obama now.
Two:  Voter ID.  You gotta have an ID for everything these days;  except to Vote.  Some states require it.  Others don’t.   The Donks always sweep No ID states.  This is the precursor to Voter Fraud.  If an ID was required, that would be a huge step to having an actual valid election.
If we fix these two issues, the political landscape would be set straight in short order.  We wont even get into Term Limits and Congressional Salary and Pensions.  Perhaps a Congressman should only recieve a stipend for living expenses and sit in office for no more than 4 years and have no pension.   Live like Monks instead of Rock Stars.  Learn what the hell Public Servant means.
Perhaps if serving in DC was a sacrifice than people like McCain and Pelosi and Reed wouldn’t be there… but more people like Mike Lee would hold Offices.  People who believe in our Nation and would not use it for graft.  And any accusation of wrong doing that’s proven true, be subject to instant Recall.  If this was how it was in DC, our Nation would truly be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

11 thoughts on “Only Three.”

  1. It used to be that the congressmen of old, looked at public service as a prison sentence. They were away from their farms and businesses at peak times to serve and govern their country.

    Now, it’s a circus of misfits, madmen and women. My apologies to circus’s everywhere.

  2. It’s not just the so called “Public Servants” that are the problem, it’s the massive bureaucracies they’ve constructed and aren’t answerable to the voters. Any and all government bureaucracies that aren’t aligned to Constitutional requirements should be fired.

  3. I’d add Randy Weber to that list as well. Congressman from SETX.
    Now if he votes with the goons for this CR… well he’s gonna get primaried out next year.

  4. Well to be fair, there was a whole pack of them in the House that held the line hard — but the status quo RINO caucus got em this time. More constitutionalists held the line longer than anytime in recent history. We’re showed we got some game. We showed who absolutely has to be primaried (you listening Lindsey Graham?).

    This isn’t over. We have not yet begun to fight.

  5. I went to get a library card. The librarian said I need a drivers license. Enough said!
    This country is a goner. Democrats will keep winning because immigrants are democrats. It pays well in entitlements. I quit voting. We have lost this country. Good luck to you who keep on fighting. It is a good but lost cause. I’m 66 , wounded in Vietnam nam. And they close the ww2 memorial but let thousands of illegals hold a rally with obamas permission. I came in at the right time and I’m going out at the right time.

  6. I always thought the Congress critters should be housed in Marine Corp-style barracks and fed the same. Not horrible, but not lux either. Same base rate of pay, but when your term is over no pension but also no federal income tax for life. It would be fun to see who wants to go to Congress and who doesn’t.

    1. We pay our legislators $100/year, here in NH. And we have so many of them that no one could afford to bribe a large enough number to matter. It does seem to discourage money-grubbers. We get the folks who enjoy power for power’s sake, and will put up with the inconvenience in order to get their fix. But we also get an awful lot of folks who choose to serve because they believe it’s honorable to serve the public.

      1. Yeah, for $100/yr you would have your annoying neighbor who loves prying into everything you do sitting in congress. Or the Volunteer Cop who drives around in the marked car handing out violation warnings. That would be annoying, but still a lot better than Peter King.

  7. The Federal gov (in IMHO) is not economically, legally or morally sustainable nor in the near long term survivable. It has in, again in my IMHO, unless something causes a MAJOR paradigm shift happens the gov has entered a death spiral fed mostly by psychotic economics and lust for power that brushes all other considerations for those in its thrall aside. Think Germany in the early 1930’s. As Dennis Miller said in a standup routine recently about face frozen Pelosi she (and by extension Reid/Barry) are “…bat shit crazy and must sleep hanging upside down at night”. I do not see any real hope for the necessary level of change that would save it or us on the horizon the society and culture are far too far gone.

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