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Only Three.

There are only three people in DC that are worth a damn.
Ted Cruze, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.
Everyone else is completely useless and dangerous. And what’s worse is that the GOP is flat out against them.
Working with the Democrats means giving in to them.  Look at our Nation.  How’s that worked out for us?
The argument is that if we dont, we lose elections.  Whats the point if we give in regardless?   You know why we lose elections?  Two reasons.
One:  Open Caucuses.   We let anyone come in and vote for the Republican candidate… this lets the Donks pick our Candidate.   Thats how we got McCain as our Candidate which is why we have Obama now.
Two:  Voter ID.  You gotta have an ID for everything these days;  except to Vote.  Some states require it.  Others don’t.   The Donks always sweep No ID states.  This is the precursor to Voter Fraud.  If an ID was required, that would be a huge step to having an actual valid election.
If we fix these two issues, the political landscape would be set straight in short order.  We wont even get into Term Limits and Congressional Salary and Pensions.  Perhaps a Congressman should only recieve a stipend for living expenses and sit in office for no more than 4 years and have no pension.   Live like Monks instead of Rock Stars.  Learn what the hell Public Servant means.
Perhaps if serving in DC was a sacrifice than people like McCain and Pelosi and Reed wouldn’t be there… but more people like Mike Lee would hold Offices.  People who believe in our Nation and would not use it for graft.  And any accusation of wrong doing that’s proven true, be subject to instant Recall.  If this was how it was in DC, our Nation would truly be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.