Cheap Kydex.

I really don’t get how some guys can get all worked up over cheap kitchen table made Kydex holsters that are the size and shape of the spade end of an Entrenching Tool, or a License Plate. To make them more hipster, some guys are putting optional accessories on them to dress them up. I’ve seen Star Wars character faces, facial hair and eye wear options.  I’m not kidding.  I find that to be comical. And sad.
A holster should be just a holster. It holds the gun in a ready position until you need it. And you should be able to forget about it until that very moment. And when you do need it, you shouldn’t have to think about the holster at all. A holster in this regard, should be like your Pants. Easy deployed and ejected in an easy and rapid fashion, and be comfortable enough that you are not reminded constantly that you are wearing them.

4 thoughts on “Cheap Kydex.”

  1. You ought to know better. Most everything for sale these days is marketed to the buyer as “cool” or “trendy”. One needs only to look up “AR-15 accessories” in a web search to see that.
    It often takes me hours of looking to find a plain Jane version of the item I’d like to buy, simply because someone else thinks I need geegaws added to it. Pretty sad, really.

  2. I will interject one personal opinion here. I have no more problem with someone making an OWB kydex holster “more attractive” to the buyer (via colors, designs, Boba Fett’s helmet, etc…) than I do with someone buying a leather OWB holster made from some crazy exotic leathers and/or with fancy colored stitching. They’re both serving the same purpose (to hold the pistol at the ready), and as long as they’re doing that, I could care less what it looks like as long as it performs it’s primary function properly. Why shouldn’t kydex holster users have the ability to wear something more attractive to them than basic black in the same vein that leather holster users do?

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