Ogre’s Movie Alphabet.

A: Is for Aliens. Who mostly come out at night. Mostly.

B: Is for Blade Runner. Tell him I’m eating.

C: Is for The Cell. Jlo’s only good movie.

D: Is for Die Hard. Yippie Ki Yay, major flubber.

E: Is for Event Horizon. Where you don’t need eyes to see.

F. Is for Full Metal Jacket. Seven point six two millimeter.

G: Is for Gladiator. Are you not entertained?

H: Is for Heat. The Action is the Juice.

I: Is for Inception. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

J: Is for Judge Dredd. He is the Law.

K: Is for Kelly’s Heroes. So drink some wine, eat some cheese.

L: Is for Lord of the Ring. It’s the movie that rules them all.

M: Is for the Matrix. Follow the white rabbit.

N: Is for National Treasure. It’s capitalized because it’s a name.

O: Is for Oblivion. If you are an effective team.

P: Is for Platoon. Shut up and take the pain. Take it!

Q: Is for Quantum of Solace. Tosca isn’t for everyone.

R: Is for Rob Roy. You best tend to your wager.

S: Is for Saving Private Ryan. Earn this.

T: Is for The Thing. Whatever it is, it’s weird and it’s pissed off.

U: Is for Unforgiven. But don’t go trusting me too much.

V: Is for Vendetta.  The Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.

W. Is Where Eagles Dare. Fear lent him wings, as the saying goes.

X.  Is for X Files. But only if you are paranoid enough.

Y. Is for Yard. The Longest Yard. It’s about a game.

Z. Is for the Ice Station Zebra. But not for that reason, of course.

10 thoughts on “Ogre’s Movie Alphabet.”

  1. No…..Z is for Zardoz…..HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!! Now that I’ve typed it, you can’t not see Connery in that GAHEY, red “Freddy Mercury is my Daddy” thingy! HAHHAHAA!!

  2. A: Is for Apocalypse Now. It smells like victory.

    B: Is for The Blues Brothers. We’re on a mission from god.

    C: Is for Casablanca. Play it again Sam.

    D: Is for Donnie Brasco. It’s fugazi.

    E: Is for Entrapment. First we try, then we trust.

    F. Is for Flight of the Intruder. Going downtown.

    G: Is for Go Tell the Spartans. Never in the U.S. have we asked for anything back.

    H: Is for Henry V. Once more into the breach.

    I: Is for Inglourious Basterds. That’s a bingo!

    J: Is for Joe Kidd. Next time I’ll knock your damn head off.

    K: Is for The Killer Elite. Tell me that’s not a 9mm Star, and I’ll kiss your ass.

    L: Is for The Long Kiss Goodnight. You’re going to die screaming… and I’m going to watch.

    M: Is for the Man on Fire: Creasey’s art is death. He’s about to paint his masterpiece.

    N: Is for No Country for Old Men. Would you hold still, please, sir?

    O: Is for Out of Sight. J-Lo’s only good movie.

    P: Is for Pulp Fiction. Wake up the gimp.

    Q: Is for Quigley Down Under. This ain’t Dodge City. And you ain’t Bill Hickok.

    R: Is for Rising Sun. They say if you resort to violence, then youve already lost.

    S: Is for Sin City. Kill em’ for me Marv. Kill ’em good

    T: Is for Thief . My money in 24 hours, or you will wear your ass for a hat.

    U: Is for United 93. Let’s roll.

    V: Is for Valdez Is Coming. Or paid the hundred dollars

    W. Is for The Warriors. Come out to play.

    X. Is for X-15. When rockets had wings.

    Y. Is for Year of the Dragon. Before Mickey Roarke ruined his face.

    Z. Is for Zulu. It’s a short chamber Boxer Henry point 45 caliber miracle.

  3. P is for Patton. Hold the enemy by the nose, and kick him in the ass!

    T is for 300 (or maybe you need to start a numbers list?). Persian, come and take them!

    With your shield, or on it!

    (Our archers will darken the sky with their arrows) Then we shall fight them in the shade.


  4. A is for Airplane “Shirley you jest” or Animal House B is for BLAZING SADDLES “Hey Mr Taggert ,can I have some more beans?” or Bullitt with Steve McQueen and that 68 390 GT Mustang

    C would go with Casablanca also

    D Die Hard or Dirty Harry

    G Goldfinger or The Godfather

    J JAWS

    M Marathon Man ” Is it safe?”

    Q The Quiet Man John Wayne Maureen O Hara ” He’s walkin her back . The whole long way”

    S Star Wars episode 4 1977 “the force will be with you, always”

    T “Twelve O’Clock High” Gregory Peck Dean Jagger

    U Undicovered Country Star Trek last film of the original cast

    Y Young Frankenstein ” Blucher”

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