Apple iPhone’s iOS7 Review

The reason for this video was really just to give me an excuse to test out the Beretta 92FS after installing a new D-Spring in it which dramatically effected the trigger pull.  In fact, it cut the weight in half, or so it feels.   This one shot was the first live round I fired through it after I changed it.    To say the least, I am satisfied.  The Double Action pull, which I fired later, was also just as impressive.  Much lower weight than previous, with an overall better feel.  If you have a 92 series pistol, the D-Spring swap is a must.  It just is.
The truth about the iPhone – yeah, it’s a real iPhone, and it was mine, and I really shot it.  However it died the day I bought it because it got a little damp riding in the same pocket as my Droid phone in a water proof jacket, in a water proof pocket… but what moisture got in evidently killed it.  None of the “fixes” actually fixed it.  It was just DOA.  So I kept it.  Always with the intent to shoot it… because Apple.

3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone’s iOS7 Review”

  1. Ha!

    Amusingly, it was a Nexus that drove me to pick up an iPhone. Been happier since, but I am hesitant about iOS 7. I’m fine with skeuomorphs.

  2. Ogre…
    I would like to change out the d spring on my 25 year old italiano Beretta. Where might I find a good d spring for it? Brownells?

    ps… Steve Jobs is sneering at you now from the great beyond… 😉

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