AWB2 Dropped

Harry Reid dropped the AWB. But don’t break out the party favors yet. For Harry Reid to do this, he has his reasons and its not for the love of the Constitution.  It’s mostly his love for his Seat.  If they moved forward with the AWB, the Mid Term Elections would not go his way.  He would lose his seat as Senate Majority Leader.  He’s smart enough to reflect on what happened last time they passed an AWB.

This also gives Harry Reid the ability to show that he’s compromised on this issue, so the Republicans need to compromise on the Magazine Limitations.   He’s playing Chess here.  Sacrificing one thing to advance another for a greater position later.

Don’t trust Harry Reid.  Don’t trust the Government as a whole.  Buy ammo, buy magazines, use cash as much as possible for this.  If you don’t have an AR-15, go ahead and get one.  Here’s why.

The AR-15 is America’s Rifle.  It’s modeled after the M-16/M-4, our Nation’s fighting rifle.  The AR-15 is our Liberty’s Teeth.  And it scares the shit out of the Libtards.  There are mags out there… Lancers and Troys are great mags, just because Pmags are hard to get, you can still get good mags.  Ammo is out there too.  It’s more spendy than it used to be, but it’s still less than .308 in the same quantities.

9 thoughts on “AWB2 Dropped”

  1. I think he sees that they overreached. Vulnerable senators in these rural states see that the leftists have kicked a hornets nest and he desperately wants to retain the majority. For now, we need to ensure that this bizarre universal background check/ registration scheme dies as well.

    I think Harry would love for this whole thing to go away.

    They MUST have done some polling and realized that they have endangered themselves by pushing too hard.

  2. The AWB2 hasn’t been “dropped” as in “gone away and no more”…it’s still around. The AWB2 was removed to give a proposed bill a better chance of passing (magazine restrictions, background checks, etc.) and the AWB2 being added on as an amendment. It’s easier to pass something when it’s not the main focus but something buried deep in the text as an add-on. George is right, don’t start the celebrations…keep the calls & letters coming. Dems don’t roll over that easy.

  3. The AWB was never their primary goal. Their goal, which has nothing to due with spree-shooters, is a functional form of gun owner registration via “Universal Background Checks”. I expect them to keep pushing mag limits, but the Background check thing is their primary work here.

    And I still can’t see getting an AR no matter who carries something that looks similar. I’m not paying that much for a bottlenecked 22 running through a finicky platform. Doesn’t meet my requirements for a defensive arm.

  4. Anybody here old enough to remember the Lautenburg amendment to the Firearms Owner’s Protection Act back in the 80’s? A last-second addition that capped the ATF’S Registry on the active date. GOP at the time “compromized” (I loath that word), thinking the good outweighed the bad. Here we are 30 yrs. later, having lost most of the good and stuck with $50,000+ Nam-era M-16s.. They will do the same to magazines and semi-autos if not stopped. Reagen’s “Thousand years of of Darkness” is getting closer every day. Unless something big happens soon, Freedom is lost…..

    1. I think you mean the Hughs amendment(closed the registry for select fire weapons in May ’86). Lautenburg is the one that allows them to take your guns if your wife catches you cheating and gets a TRO claiming you hit her. Due process be damned.

  5. I hate Harry Reid on all other issues but when it comes to guns he’s not stupid. I don’t think he even wants magazine restrictions. Because magazine restrictions piss people off as much as gun bans do.

    He comes from a gun state. He is considered a friend of Wayne LaPierre. But IMO, I don’t believe that Reid wants 10 round mags the law of the land. That’s why he doesn’t like talking about it. Has he ever went on record saying that he absolutely wants a limit on mag capacities?

  6. @ chem and theirshman; I stand corrected on the author of that bit of fertilizer, but the rest of my rant stands – both of those amendments were left standing for the “better good”, and screwed over how many thousands of people? Hundreds of thousands, perhaps? And FOPA ’86 mayas well not be on the books now, in Cali, NY, Jersey and soon in Md. and Colorado. Who’s crazy enough to risk shooting IDPA, 3-gun or USPSA in those states after the laws start? I’m hoping Baretta USA pulls out of Md. if the Governor’s crap passes. that’s 2500 jobs he won’t get revenues from.

  7. More makers of AR lowers are starting to come on to the market.
    I’m hoping that after this year things will settle down as far as the affordability issue is concerned.
    I’m seeing some interesting stuff done with 3-D laser beam sintering. Material at least as strong as investment castings but with undercuts and finishes that you couldn’t get with an investment cast. Right now layering on powered metal slows the process down but that is being worked on.

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