I’m switching up my carry ammo for my Beretta.    According to Hornady my previous carry load, their XTP Custom 115 grain load, zips out at 1155 FPS.   I used to really like the XTP’s, and the Winchester SXT’s, which were about the same.  With the ammo drought going on, the load I wanted to get for my Beretta 92FS was the PDX1’s, were just not available.  I’ve actually been waiting for those suckers to come in since I got the 92!
Today, we did get in some 9mm defense stuff.  1 case.  Just one.  So I snagged some.  Hornady’s new Critical Duty 135 grain +P.  These suckers are stepping out at a very respectible 1115 FPS.  Only 40 FPS slower, but a lot heavier.   Felt recoil is increased some… I feel more push, but not as sharp of a kick as I was expecting.  Accuracy is spot on.  I dig that.  And the fact that’s as heavy as my old favorite .40 cal loads.  This is a comfortable load for me and a comfortable load for the big full sized Battle Handgun Beretta 92FS.
Accuracy and Reliability are there, and according to all the reports I’ve read, the Terminal Ballistics are there too.  I hope I never have to find out though.

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  1. I’ve been carrying the Critical Duty +P for months now and I never felt under protected. It’s probably the best barrier blind pistol ammo you can get, and I read that Hornady is releasing a 185gr load in 45ACP this year.

  2. That load (as well as the EFMJ loads) has some penetration problems from what I have seen but the studies could be development info. My dept has tested load weights of various pistols for over 25 years and keeps coming back to the “heavy” loads, right now standard is the JHP 147 for 9mm, 180 gr for the .40 and .230 gr for the .45. Allot of the information they look at comes from our dptys/troops returning from the sand box. For them JHP or not (and not all military carry FMJ) “heavy” loads for pistols are “it” for CQB. Our officer involved after shoot reports keeps backing that info up year after year.

    1. If we had anything in 147, I’d have considered it. Hell, were lucky to have anything.
      And normally I’d tend to agree on Heavy.

  3. I have the standard-pressure 135-grain Duty load for my SIG P228. Don’t want to run +P with a stamped-steel slide & aluminum frame, but I don’t feel under-protected with the “cooler” load.

  4. Truth be told, any modern hollowpoint round is going to be just fine for self defense. With ammo being like hen’s teeth, if it’s on the shelf, I’ve got no qualms about using it.

  5. I’ve tried the Critical Defense in .40 and 9mm and like them enough to be using it as my standard carry ammo. I’ve bought some Critical Duty but haven’t shot any yet.
    Ogre, are you setting the .40 S&W round aside in favor of the 9mm? The 9mm has gained back popularity with some notable trainers these days.

    1. That’s a very good question. The answer is no. I believe the .40 to be superior to 9mm. However, thanks to modern ammunition, 9mm is just fine.

  6. There are videos showing apparent hang-up on feeding due to the rubber tip. There is at least one fellow here in Vernal that has had this problem. Creates some concern.

    1. The rubber tip is inside the cavity. I can’t see that being a problem. Sounds like the guy has a problem with the gun or tired springs. Some guns don’t like feeding any truncated cone projectiles. Which means its an internal geometry issue and not a Hornady issue.

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