The Uprising Saga

Uprising USA.

Uprising UK.

Uprising Italia. By Zachary Hill.

For those bouncing here to from hearing about it on the Radio, the books I’ve written about Zombies are in the Uprising Saga.  The USA book was the first.  It started out as a short story on an internet forum ( and snowballed.  Many writers jumped in, adding their own perspective and making their own stories.
This is Literary Junk Food, not to be taken too seriously.  Just have fun with it.

I’m still beating my head on Uprising Russia.  Other writers are working on Uprising Crusader, Uprising Chosen, and then we’ll have an Uprising Anthology.

7 thoughts on “The Uprising Saga”

  1. I’m still making it through Uprising USA that I downloaded from Amazon when it was offered for free one weekend. Good piece of fiction that I enjoy when I’m waiting for my appointments. I hope it’s opening doors for you.

  2. Just to let you know when I go on my kindle under zombies your books do not come up with the others can not waste for russia

  3. I’ve notice a disturbing trend among certain writers to “Twilight” Zombies, to humanize them, there always seems to be goody-goody types wanting to PC even the fictional bad ones. They are no fun too me unless the ROE is shoot on sight.
    I want to read about a fictional Zombie rights group getting engulfed and devoured.

  4. Having read Uprising USA on WTA website orginal and the version I purchased for Kindle (by the way my novel “Recon of Worlds” is on Kindle…..just saying) I much prefer the WTA version more mud/blood and beer in the original rather whory version. Did you really have to clean it up so much? Or was that a factor of all the other authors involved. Thought I read you were planning to enclude them in the published version. What changed?

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