Ogre in HD, Media Range Day

I don’t know how good I was looking before, but I look awesome in HD.   Here’s some vid taken by Barry Markowitz at the Media Range Day.  Unedited, you got the Full Monty here.

Okay, the reason that they are not edited… Sony Vegas doesn’t read the heathen MAC format I got the vids in, YouTube even said “We don’t recognize this file type, but we’ll try anyway.”  And it worked.  Which is good.  Because the MSR video took all night to upload, in full HD.

You can see everyone was bundled up like we’re shooting in northern Alaska.  We’re not… we’re shooting just outside of Las Vegas Nevada.  I’m wearing an Under Armor nylon shirt under my sport coat, and that’s it.  Hey, I like the silky feel.  I ride motorcycles through Utah Winters, this little chilly day did not impress me.
Okay… Truthfully.  I was freezing my ass off too, I just didn’t let it show.  I could have worn a heavier jacket and all that, but what the hell.  I looked good, while everyone else looked like they were off the set of THE THING.  I still enjoyed the day because, hell, it’s shooting and I didn’t pay for the ammo.  The one guy I felt sorry for, was the guy from Kel-Tec.  He was just shivering and almost catatonic by 3:00.  I was actually getting worried about him.  He looked like he was hypothermic.  Poor guy.  Florida doesn’t get this cold, so he just didn’t cope very well.


2 thoughts on “Ogre in HD, Media Range Day”

  1. Yup. We took a little road trip and ended up in Cedar City last week. Sunday morning dawned cold and clear. One degree above zero Farenheit. Yes friends, winter still holds sway in the northern hemisphere. Take that, Al Gore – you idiot. ( grin )

  2. George,
    Did you ever look into a wireless stereo microphone setup for your videos? If each person takes one channel and you put a wind cover on the mike you will get much improved sound quality.
    Who has spent his life around guns, heavy weapons, aircraft and AFVs and has serious gaps in his frequency response.

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