30 thoughts on “Heaven Help Me.”

  1. I’ve been wanting to do that for years. Always fancied the idea of a “tactical” levergun just for the heck of it, until Mossberg came out with the 464; the idea immediately jumped the shark and now I feel dirty when I think about it.

  2. What Would John (Wayne) Do?

    I can’t see Rooster all tricked out even if it had been available.

  3. I’ve done that. Later I took it off. I was ashamed. I know that Hell awaits me. The rifle sat in the safe permanently sullied. I had to trade it for a Ruger Super Blackhawk. Now that my fate is sealed, I can put a scope on a Garand also. Being damned to the everlasting fires frees one up.

  4. It’s not normally on there, but I’ve had a scope on a Marlin 1894 without any complaints from the rifle.

  5. I had a sight on my Marlin .450 for about an hour. I could not take the guilt the rifle was projecting at me from the safe…..I’m weak that way.

  6. Uhm, I don’t know that the Ogre knows that there is such a thing as a motorcycle season. I suspect if he has a clear strip on the road, he rides.

    1. Quite true. I was projecting my NW Indiana weather on everyone else. It’s been about 10 degrees here lately. Surely that’s too cold for even the Ogre?

  7. Ignore the naysayers. Scopes and red dots are good things. The rifle doesn’t care if you put a red dot, a scope or even a night vision thingy on it. Any god or saint that gets upset over that is not worth paying attention to.

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