Benchmade #53 Balisong

I’m bringing home my new EDC knife, a Benchmade #53 Balisong.

I got this from Tannerman’s in West Virginia. And if you want any Benchmade knife – Go to Tannerman’s.  Before they shipped it out, one of the cats there gave it a custom grind so this thing is hair popping sharp and glides through cardboard like a lightsaber.
I really like the 53 because it makes for a great EDC knife. It’s light weight and has a very usable blade shape. I’ve looked at several online reviews of the knife, but Nutnfancy’s review mirror’s my own opinion for the most part. It’s small. It’s light. And the blade is tough as hell. But D2 needs to be taken care of… and that’s fine for me.
At SHOT Show, I looked at all the Bench Balisongs.  For a knife to carry and actually use as a knife and not a Cheerleader, the 53 was the one to pick, every time.  This also the only one they put bearings in… which helps it flip open because the handles are so light.  Many reviews dog the 53 for not being a Flipper.  But to me, Flipper is a fucking Dolphin, and I hate those damn squeaking fish.  I’m not into flipping Balisongs, or playing Hacky-Sack.  But for some reason I can’t fathom… I’ve always wanted a Balisong.  And since I’m not into Flipping Tricks, I wanted one that I can actually use.  And this #53 fits the bill perfectly.
I even like the color.

7 thoughts on “Benchmade #53 Balisong”

  1. If I’m honest knife fighting sucks and I don’t recommend it…

    Though if one must indulge in such a brutal form of combat a balisong is not something I’d rather not bother with.

    The caveat being that all of my knife skills are centered around large Applegate style blades, or very tiny 1 1/2″ inch blades used in an old Chinese style.

    The Balisong is a novelty born out of necessity and a want for quality materials.

    I would assert that a fixed blade or well executed assisted opening knife is a much simpler and more reliable tool.

    All that being said, if you like it, use it and enjoy it.

    1. So? It’s fucking cool. End of Story. Because I’m not going to be Knife Fighting with it. Thats what my Glock is for. So it’s just for utility. Opening things. Like boxes. Bags of Chips. An occasional letter. And more boxes. I don’t need a D2 Tool Steel bladed Benchmade for that. I could probably get buy just fine for what I do with a 2 Dollar Box Cutter. But I’m that guy… the guy that would prefer his Sandvik 14C28N bladed Kershaw Knockout, or his Benchmade 53.

  2. Had to go look up a pic of that #53. Looks like a useable blade in a cool package, I love that blade shape. I am edc the CRTK Mah Eraser, I am not sure about the shape of the point, and the overall package is large. Had to slide that one under the wife’s radar…along with one of the gun mojo flashlights.

      1. It replaced my Streamlight polytac HP as my coat light…if I have a coat on it is with me. It is the one I reach for when looking for the little black dog in the dark. I wish I had also bought one of the little pocket lights as well, I need to check on the availability of those. It impressed the HECK out of our local cop, especially when he heard the price.

  3. Good looking Bali. Now, I much go check them out and add one to my collection. I have 2 of Benchmades other bali’s and w hole lot of their other knives. They do make some great knives.

  4. I’m happy we could help you out George. Anyone who wants to send something to my shop to get sharp is welcome to, my rates are quite reasonable.

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