8 thoughts on “Ogre & The Gunny”

  1. The notion of Barak Obama as a new boot at Parris Island made me laugh. So did Gunny’s reaction. I’ll be smiling for a while on that one.

    Thanks, George.

  2. Hell, I think 9mm is pretty effective on a variety of media, and it doesn’t thrash your slide like 40. Now, it would be nice if my M9 ran .357sig, but it just doesn’t. Then again, I think it’s a big mechanical bonus how my sights stay on the target after I touch off a 9mm. Kinda neat, really. Helps out with shot placement.

  3. Met the Gunny at a prior Shot Show couple years ago. What you see is what you get. he does not “act” he just is….interesting aside, he never made Gunny Sgt while in the Core. He was given the honorary rank of Gunnery Sgt by the Core for his work in the media.

  4. Og you NEED a mic when doing an interview in such an environment, almost impossible to hear what he is saying over the background noise…just saying

  5. Saw this the other day mate. I just had to come back and say gidday. He’s the man. Had a discussion with a old U.S. Marine once about pistol calibres, reflecting on the change over to the 9mm. Loved what he said… his preference was to stay old skool, because if you got that close you want the .45 so you can see the soles of the other fellas boots 🙂 A man after my own heart if we talk rifles; SLR (FN FAL) as opposed Steyr / M16 (please add M203) ).

    I feel another viewing of Full Metal Jacket comin’ on.

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