4 thoughts on “At SHOT”

  1. Hey, George, if you get a chance, brace the dudes at Viltor about the new Bren Ten they’re supposed to be bringing out. My boy’s been jonesin’ for one for two years.

  2. I have a thought lets send our favorite “leaders” a brick or a rock a box of nails or somthing to express our displeasure at their lackluster performance defending our rights and wasting our money on moonbat self enriching projects . If you send somthing make sure it is legal to send through the mail but will get the message through their thick skulls . Just a random thought . John Gault

  3. Hey ogre –

    Can you get some face time with the guys from bfg and tyr? I’d love to know more about bfg’s molle minus plate carrier. It looks sick. Tyr always has some good stuff for shot and if I recall are located in Utah.

    Thanks man and looking forward to the video/pics.

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