6 thoughts on “Don’t Go Away Angry…”

  1. +1,000,000

    Smug Brit Douchebag Enemy #1

    I guess the only way to get lower than hacking war widows voicemail accounts is his current trajectory.

  2. Perhaps he can go work for the BBC again, oh thats right, they sacked him for faking photos of UK troops abusing Iraqi detainees…


  3. Ogre, I’d like to hear your opinion in a post on the recent run on guns, magazines, ammo etc with regards to future prices, backorders, availability before AWB. This is not the first time this has happened, so some perspective is warranted. Guys are paying twice or thrice the price and losing their shirts. How much of the panic is justified in your opinion versus being patient and letting prices come back to earth. Some of us have enough, but want more for a rainy day, some have one or none…

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