Crazy Gun Sales

I’ve never seen gun-sales like today. It’s been busy since Black Friday, and really busy all week. But I’ve never seen it like today. We broke records. We completely sold out of all AR rifles. They are gone. Done.
We have more on order, but I don’t think we will ever have the AR stockpile like we had before… They are going to trickle in and be sold before they hit the shelves.
All of our 5.56mm/.223 ammo in 50 round packs or larger is all gone as well.
I still have .223 Remington in 20 round boxes… your Varmageddon, V-Max and Ballistic Silvertips, and that’s it.
I’ve never seen anything like this.

Edit:  To give you guys an idea of the volume I’m talking about… When it comes to inventory, Basin Sports is one of the biggest new gun dealers not just in the state of Utah, but in the western states.  We had one hell of an inventory of tactical rifles.  Yeah… they are all gone now.

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me. Went to the range at a local gun store today. A full third of the long gun rack was empty, and they were selling pistols faster than they could refill the display case. I watched the very last AR-15 in the store be sold. By the time I left, there were no ARs, no AKs, the SCARs, FS2000s, PS-90s, and FALs I’d seen the week before were gone. All that was left was a pair of M1As, and I’m pretty sure the guy looking at it was about to start filling out the 4473. And the ONLY 9mm in the building was the cheap CCI Blaser Brass they sell as range ammo…. and they were selling it at the range mark-up. Yeah, no thanks.

  2. I bought a G19 from the Ogre today. He was not mad; he was exhausted. The customers were three deep along the entire 50 foot or so long counter. ALL DAY. Thanks G for finding time for me to give you money! On a “normal” day I can stop and talk for a while and not interupt business too much. Not today.

    1. It was good to take a breather from the rush. It was the smallest sale I did today… but it was good. It was like taking a break. I needed that. That and I like selling Glocks.
      15 Minutes later though, dude came in, “I want that Flat Dark Earth 19.”
      Sorry, I sold it.
      “But I was just here this morning. I said I was going to think about it.”
      Thinking about it isn’t a layaway policy… We hear thinking about it all day every day. I have it in black.
      The guy grumbled and left. Came back an hour later.
      “I’ll take the black one.”
      Sorry, that got sold too.

      In nonrelated news… M just became a GLOCKER. HA!

    2. Welcome to the G-Crowd… I haven’t looked back since my G29 hit my holster…
      I was there Looking for a SW for my wife..If it’s still there..


  3. I’m not surprised one bit. This “pre-ban” hysteria is at a level never seen before and I’m not too optimistic of the real outcome. A lot of people around the country are pissed and they are blaming the evil gun for 99% of it and I’m confident the NRA won’t stand their ground during their “major news conference” on Friday so I’m expecting some sort of ugly change happening. Every AR magazine is sold out everywhere, even the 60.00 PMags that people said they wouldn’t pay. Good luck finding ammo and I’m considering not competing until I see (if I see…) ammo back on the shelves and priced reasonably. I fear dark times ahead, but I hope it’s nothing but fear and not reality.

  4. I messed around and pretty much all my personal ammo is low, and I don’t think I’ll be able to restock anytime soon. I took inventory today and the only things I feel well stocked on is 7.62x54R and .22LR, so if the Mayans were right, and there’s some kind of apocalypse tomorrow, if it can’t be helped by shooting nazis or shooting squirrels, I don’t like my chances….

  5. Local large store on Cleveland Ave in midwest had a 2 hour wait just to get waited on Sunday. This is going to be worse than 2009/09 for shortages and markups. Any ammo maker, mag builder etc has to be running 24/7 in anticipation of a possible “ban” . I am just guessing the average price if supply resumes will still be at least 50% higher on everything.

  6. If the NRA geeks, they are going to have a problem because they’ve had record numbers signing up for memberships and making donations to fight the anti-gun crowd.
    Really, it looks like about 55 to 60% of the populace is angry about gun control, heavy taxation, relentless spending going to crony’s, fiat money, and etc. A real polarized Molon Labe attitude about it all seems to be developing.

  7. It is everywhere Gulf States Dist, the biggest LE distributor in the southeast, is down to one mini 14, one overpriced Benelli, and one used beater AR. All of the other semi auto rifles are gone and they were so overstocked on ARs a month ago that the management was uneasy about it.

    1. I am just looking forward to all of the old revolvers and leverguns that will be put up for sale to finance the panic buying.

  8. Went to my local gun store/range today and it was 3 and 4 deep at the gun counter.
    At least the range was not crowded.
    My son went to the same store last night after he got off duty and was fortunate to pick up the last S&W AR15 in stock. The only thing left were some high priced Colts. He had been looking for an AR for some time before this all happened. Best part for him they gave
    him a discount since he is a police officer.

  9. According to the NY Times (who are pissed about it) gun control is now #6 on the cult leaders list of things to do, and he has given the responsibility to the alshymiers VP to follow up on. Dude you need anything I got 14 million to spend on my vaction in HI. Call me when its done. I think the grabbers are going to be frustrated by his uncaring approach to this like everything else he has not done.

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