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It seems that the cowardly folks at have killed off their Firearms Sales sections of their classifieds.

This wasn’t in reaction to the shooting in CT.  They have thought about doing this for some times, even floating polls about doing it.  Now they have done it, using CT as an excuse to do what they have wanted to do.

I can sell a Hammer… or a Knife… hell, even a sword… on KSL.  But a gun?  Even as a Dealer, where all ATF rules apply… is not allowed.

I’m done with  Throwing all of us honest, law abiding gun owners under the bus… This is shameful.  KSL, you are pathetic.


  1. 12/21/2012

    Started by a few fellas over at to fill the void KSL left. Already is doing pretty good. It’s still free.

  2. HK's Gravatar HK

    Thanks Tango for the tip on

  3. 12/21/2012    

    There is also

  4. Greg m's Gravatar Greg m

    There is also …… but they along with seem to be attracting the 70$ pmag and 700$ stripped lower crowd.

    I am also done with KSL.. Someone needs to open a classifieds site to take all their sales traffic.

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