6 thoughts on “Gun Zones are Dangerous”

  1. Yeah and I get to go to work in one everyday. That and our Governor just vetoed a bill that would have allowed me to carry concealed in my classroom.

  2. Ummm, errrrr, you mean “gun free zones”, as your video clip states.
    “gun zones”, like stores and shooting ranges have been pretty safe, except for people who intend to off themselves at those places instead of somplace nice and quiet and alone.

  3. Well I remember here in Texas there was a no gun policy in Churches right after the “Shall Issue” law was passed. Then a nut job showed up at a Baptist Church and started shooting people. After that on church going police officer said, “I don’t care, I’m packing in church from now on.” Also seeing how the “no gun” school thing was working out, some of the teachers started packing concealed, one said, “Screw the law, I’m not letting anybody harm my kids.”

  4. And our wonderful, in charge of the decreed by President Obama task force to ensure the protection our children, Vice President Biden, is going to hear and understand and then take into consideration, this insight how, so as to factor into the Need By January proposals this committee are to submit?
    It will be interesting to see if the committee entertains the concept of Gun Free Zones, and if so, what their arguments will be to dismiss it.

    Biden, a gun advocate according to most of the news outlets I’ve heard or seen, has, if my ‘facts’ are straight, stated this in regards to the Virginia Tech shootings-
    In the so-called Biden crime bill, we put 100,000 cops on the street. I’ve worked with law enforcement for the past 30 years, with armor-piercing bullets, waiting periods, etc. But the one thing that’s clear: We should not have let the assault weapons ban lapse.
    We should close this so-called gun show loophole, so you can’t go into a gun show and buy a gun that you couldn’t buy walking into a gun shop.
    We have let the country down in the way in which we have not focused on mental illness. We should know that your kid is safe at college. If teachers determine that a child is a danger, the school should be able to take them off the campus.

    Oh yeah, I see concrete proposals, that is fair to all sides because we have a gun advocate as the rudder doing the steering, coming.
    If they can’t forcibly ram an assault weapons ban and such down our throats (and they will), we will see the price of everything remotely gun tied soar to where owning, let alone using, will be cost prohibitive (and we will).
    We will be well beyond the border of ludicrous – “Oh, we see your distant cousin’s friend shot, in the opposite direction, a gun while being 5257 feet from a residence that was hidden behind a 10 foot dirt embankment; therefore, we have to question your possible mental health. Further, the fact your brother owns both a rifle and revolver puts the family total of allowed ownership at the limit. We’re sorry, we’re going to reject your application. Please pay the $200 processing fee.”

  5. We need a forum to buy guns in UT now that KSL has wimped out. Who has ideas? One of the gun forums classified section needs to go prime time

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