Cheap Dicks

Dick’s Sporting Goods is pulling semi auto rifle sales.
Cheaper Than Dirt is suspending online gun sales, and have increased their prices to stupid levels.  A P-Mag is now $59.99.  Those price-gouging bastards!

I encourage everyone to give a big middle finger to Dick’s and CTD.

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  1. Pulling their online gun sales is retarded, but isnt hiking prices how you prevent shortages? They are betting the market price for these magazines are going to go up. If they are wrong they will get limited sales and damage to their reputations. If they are right, they will have more magazines to sell and get more customers when other vendors run out of magazines that they refused to mark up.

    Meanwhile the other vendors are betting that prices wont go up that much or that their suppliers will continue to get them magazines in pace with demand and at a price that makes their current price viable.

    They may be asshats, but gouging is how the market prevents shortages.

  2. Wait, what? A PMag for 60 bucks? Has “The Ban” happened yet that I wasn’t aware about? I know the prez loves his executive order privlidges, but come on here! One thing that I hate is a price gouging dealer…it screams slimy oppertunistic leech.

    1. Wait! With a “Dick’s” Card you can get a Ruger 10/22 for only $150?
      Damn Commifornia.

  3. Some coworkers approached me about doing a big group buy through Brownell’s or Midway. All I could think was, “You wait until AFTER something like this happens to decide you need more than two mags?!”

  4. I understand about Dicks, I work at the biggest Dicks here in Arizona, I work the gun desk and I was the one who had to pull whats left of our ARs of the shelf last night at closing. Funny thought before we closed, I sold several of them to people who were buying at the last minute, before we had to take them off the shelves. Its not a permanent ban, just be a month or two and they’ll be back on the shelves, but it still sucks and I was pissed off at having to do that, so was my manager, its a pointless move and and bad for business, we sell alot of these things. I understand the frustration at it, especially being the one who pulled them off the shelves, but its temporary and I dont personaly think anything major will happen to them through gun bans or anything, despite the hysteria of it right now. Once the dust settles we will have to see what happens, but like most things, it should go back to business as usual, but thanks for saying what you said, as a gun enthusiast and shooter, it is a very sucky situation.

    1. It’s a pretty cowardly thing to do either way. Even if temporary. It’s capitulating. Giving in. I’m sorry you had to do it.

      1. Yes, it looks exactly like what it is, capitulation. The big-government Communo-fascists smell the vulnerability and are encouraged. Exactly like with Nakoula Nacoula, or whatever his name was with the film that “provoked” Benghazi. It looks like America can enforce some foreign country’s blasphemy laws, and in this case, it looks to the gun grabbers like it won’t matter to Dick’s if they impose a scary black rifle ban by executive order. .

    2. Dick’s is just trying to suck up to the “powers that be” by pulling the guns – even temporarily. Their customers, obviously, don’t matter to Dick’s management/owners as long as they can pull this “feel-good” move and appear to be oh, so caring and ‘concerned’.
      It’s especially hypocritical that they are doing this as a temporary move; and will resume sales after the heat dies down – when it may, indeed, be too late for those without their ARs, etc., to get one.
      As far as I am concerned, Dick’s will never get a dime from me – for anything under any circumstances…now or in the future. They don’t have anything that I can’t get somewhere else at comparable prices.

      btw; If Dick’s is so-o-o ‘concerned’, have they pulled their auto pistols from the shelves? Or just the guns that are getting the most publicity? Have they pulled all of the “assault magazines (per Pelosi) from their shelves – or have they bumped the prices on them, ala CTD?

  5. Midway has restrictions all of a sudden – no more than 2 Pmags and 2 XD 9mm Mags – I ordered a few last pm.

  6. Didn’t do business w/ Dick’s anyway, but CTD has gotten a good chunk of my disposable income over the last couple years. No more. My LGS in the area, which has better ammo prices than what I’ve found online, will now get the bulk of my business, split with my range’s pro shop. I may in the long run not get AS GOOD of a deal on certain items as I got from CTD, but I’m not about to continue to do business with a company engaging in gouging based on the current socio-political climate, or any anticipation of possible upcoming bans.

  7. I,ve never set foot in a Dicks store now i never will. And screw cheaper than dirt I’ll stick with sportsman guide

  8. They just opened a Dick’s near me and I went once to buy some sleeping bags. I’m half of a mind to go in, load up a shopping cart and take it to the register, and then tell them “I’m buying everything in this cart from a place I can trust” and leave it there.

    Bastids. We don’t need this capitulation and it is not appreciated. I wrote and called CTD to let them know I’m not buying any more from them.

  9. Full disclosure here, I am part owner of a small shop here in Northern VA We first learned about the Cheaper Than Dirt price raises from customers looking for Pmags. They were delighted to see that we hadn’t raised the prices and many have said that they will no longer do business with Cheaper Than Dirt. I’m using this as a chance to scoop up as many “new” customers as I can. I put the quotes around new because these are for the most part folks who use us for transfers as they are looking to save the tax on purchases. It’s always been a challenge to upsell to these folks as they purchase everything online, holsters, accessories, ammo, etc. Now though, I’m trying to reach out and convert them to support the local gunstore. I think this is a golden opportunity for the smaller Local Gun shops to win back some lost customers, or make new ones.

  10. Got an email from CTD saying they would resume online selling of firearms pending a review of their policies. Unsub from their email list. Gutless cowards.

  11. I’m been looking at some polls that say the majority of Americans don’t think that “gun control” is the answer to gun violence. I remember from years ago that a lot of companies get into to trouble because they fail when it comes to market research and just go with some hot shot hire who claims he knows what the public wants. In the past gun control has proven to be a political poison pill as Bill Clinton found out and admitted, he blamed that issue as much as anything for his loss of the house. Now the left is trying even harder and the opposition while about the same in numbers is a lot firmer. The polling for trust in main stream media shows a trend to even lower numbers.

  12. I’ve never really been an AR guy. Nothing bad to say about them, just not my style.

    Guess I’ll have to get one now. Bet Crusader Armory will throw one together for me 😉

    Thanx Obamalamadingdong, you stoopid libturd. You complete me. And my collection.

  13. I gave dicks the finger and pointed towards my posterior (whilst saying “kiss it) because they wouldn’t sell me a long arm. I was not a resident of the state or surrounding states and their F’ed up policy says no gun sales to locals.
    I figured if they wouldn’t let me purchase a firearm then I didn’t have to buy anything else from them.

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