Why so serious?

One of the reasons I’ve left a number of firearms forums and pretty much started my own… because too many people take Forums too seriously and get too wound up over differences of opinion.

Arguing on the Internet serves no purpose.  State your opinion, back it up with whatever you like… and if someone disagrees… that doesn’t make you less of a Man.  But when you persist and argue and let yourself get wound up over it… That does.

I’ve had people that I used to call friends, get so wound up about an internet argument, that they “took their ball and went home”, severing their ties and losing friendship along with it.

All because of differing opinions… All because people are taking a thread on a an internet discussion forum too seriously.   Lighten up!

Present your opinions, back it up with your logic that lead you to that opinion.  If someone has a different opinion, backed up with other reasons… That’s fine.  Different opinions… this is why not everyone is using 1903 Springfields in .30-06.  We all have different opinions.  But to insult the other person because their opinion is different, that’s lame.  Rise above.  Take some deep breaths.  Go shooting.  And don’t let yourselves get wound up.

This is one of the reasons I started We The Armed.  A place where like minded people can share their thoughts about the things we like – without taking everything too seriously.    I know some guys that seem to think that their job is to win arguments and make sure every comment is technically reviewed and corrected.  It’s as if they sit there at their computers with a red pencil in hand.  Guys, I don’t know anyone that is paid to win arguments on the internet.    I want We The Armed to be fun.  It’s a pastime for all of us.  I’m not opening 401K’s for any member.

15 thoughts on “Why so serious?”

  1. You have a problem with Sprinfields in 30.06?!?

    Thats it! Meet me at the bike racks after school!


  2. Some people think that by arguing guns on the internet that its somehow going to change the world, that the pentagon will look at that argument and say “yes! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for!” Or that Tactical Mil-spec Operators spend their time arguing to prove that they’re right and everyone’s opinion is garbage,

  3. But then….it’s kinda entertaining to watch a group of guys arguing whether or not the .45ACP bullet coming out of a 1911 will kill a goblin (what is this?…MHI?…) deader than the .45ACP bullet coming out of a Glock 21….

    1. Thats nonsence…everyone knows that to kill a goblin all you need is a .38 or 9mm to get the job done…

      …now orcs on the other hand….

      1. It had better be a silver bullet too!

        Something I always wondered was if the silver bullet had to be ALL silver, or if you could use a jacketed round to avoid fudging up the rifling? Or is there a “soft silver” that wouldn’t trash your gun?

        “We all KNOW that a semi-jacketed hollow point .357 Mag is the ULTIMATE man/orc/goblin killer. Nuff said!”

        Sorry-my two cents toward all this.

  4. The internet is serious business. And serious shooters have serious discussions about serious guns on the serious internet. Seriously.

      1. You are clearly not a serious shooter. You don’t even own any Multicam! And your rifle doesn’t have an Magpul accessories on it!

          1. stop making fun of magpul or I will use the piece of wall cornering that I have glued to the side of my Glock to start point shooting at you….and no you can’t copy me..its pattented!!

  5. but everyone must know that my preferences and tastes are vastly superior to those of everyone else!

  6. Arguing on the internet is like wrestling with a pig.

    You end up covered with mud, and you are still retarded.

    Or something like that, lol.

  7. Huey148

    You don’t kill Orcs, you make them your allies and get them jobs flying helicopters or using swords.

    Duh! 🙂

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