Ford’s Focus ST

I’m pretty solidly on record for hating the Ford Focus.  Since it first came out, they’ve just irritated me.
But now Ford has actually made a good one.  I wouldn’t mind an ST at all.  Just not in yellow. Make mine in Black, Silver, or Red, thanks.

6 thoughts on “Ford’s Focus ST”

  1. Ogre-San – yes, there are finally some tiny cars that look, and are, cool. The low profile tires are not so great in the snow, though, if that is an issue for you. Designers are finally getting away from the ‘suppository’ look….

  2. Everyone owns black, silver or red cars. I like things that are odd, or stick out, even like a sore thumb.

      1. Yes, I want to be the dowdy-looking sport sedan on the highway, not the Porsche Targa. The word is “Q-Ship.”

  3. I’m willing to bet that some judicious aftermarket tuning can address even the few small complaints that the tester has. I got bitten by the “rally car” bug early on when I spent some time behind the wheel of an old Saab 99. The only small fun car Ford built in those days was the rather anemic Fiesta.

    Truth told, nothing really approaches the capability of the all wheel drive cars so I’ll still stick with the Audi or Subaru for serious kicks but that little Ford looks like it could put a grin on your face as well.

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