7 thoughts on “Gun Control is Bullshit”

    1. It doesn’t fit the standard belief that some people have that CPL holders will just hurt bystanders by getting into shootouts. If he had fired his gun and hit someone else, I can guarantee that we would be hearing about it.

  1. Predators are not brave, they are not seeking combat, they seeking to feed, to satisfy and appetite. Whether individually or in a pack they go for the slowest and the weakest, the young, the sick, or the old. It takes a sick and desperate predator to go after an animal that has teeth, horns, or some other weapon. Then there are the predators that are primarily scavengers that will occasionally kill prey that is not quite dead yet. The ones that run in packs are usually jackal like, politicians, or reporters.

  2. Gun control is murder. Why aren’t we having a “conversation” about how the GFSZA almost assuredly raised the death toll at Columbine, VA Tech, Newtown, etc., and DOESN’T F^$(ING WORK!!

  3. Yes, “gun conrol” is bovine exhaust. November 16th, the president reportedly said “we can’t tolerate this anymore” in reference to mass murders in places where firearms are prohibited. He is correct. We can’t tolerate this anymore. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Violent criminals are ignoring the law. More restrictive laws have proven to be a foolish, counter-productive exercise in futility. “Gun free zones” provide easy access to helpless victims. That must stop. We must think differently. We must change tactics. We must fight back. We must demand that the advantage be taken away from violent criminals. We must demand that employees of educational institutions be trained and equipped to defend themselves and the children for whom they are responsible. We must demand that our enumerated right as citizens to defend ourselves at any time in any place be restored. The experiment in disarmament has failed. Wishful thinking has failed. No place is safe. No one is safe.

    The only way to stop a mentally ill criminal with a firearm or a knife or a bomb who is determined to kill is a sane person with a firearm. Nothing else works. Ask a cop. Anyone thinking of planning a public mass murder must be made to understand that they will be stopped quickly but current laws establish places where the law-abiding intended victims are required to be unarmed and cannot legally defend themselves. The “gun control” we need is zero infringement, more qualified instructors and more realistic live-fire ranges. The murderers must be stopped and it was disarming the victims which created the problem in the first place! Yes, I know the argument: “It’ll be the wild West! There will be blood in the streets!” Well, we have that now; let’s finally make it stop and fight fire with a legitimate threat of return fire from the intended victims when warranted. It’s the only solution which has not been tried and the only one which can work because it does not continue to rely on the erroneous and childish assumption that the “bad guy” will do “the right thing”.

  4. Penn and Teller’s Bullshit is a series worth watching. You just have to ignore the anti religion and anti God rants, especially in the later seasons.

  5. It is my belief that if the government or the private company that institutes a “gun free zone” should be required to provide armed security. If these people are removing the right to self protection then they assume the responsibility to protect those people. It is the government that is at fault for not protecting those kids and they should be heald responsible.

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