7 thoughts on “Dear Browning”

  1. Also, kindly modify the Hi-Power’s design so that the hammer doesn’t punch holes in the shooter’s hand and the magazine safety doesn’t muck up the trigger.

    1. I’ve been using Hi-Powers since the early 60s and never got ‘hammer bite’. (But then, I’ve never been bitten by any auto except a Walther PPK [original]) Other people complain about it all the time. Maybe it’s my grip; or maybe my hands are not as “meaty” as people’s who get bit.

      And, the magazine safety takes about 3 minutes to remove.

  2. You might need to translate that request into Japanese and French since Browning doesn’t actually make any rifles. Most Browning rifles are actually made by Miroku or by FN Herstal.

  3. And with the ever popular double stack removable 20 round magazine for rapid fire varmint hunting on the parries.

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