New Carry Gun for December.

December’s Carry Gun is a SIG 1911 Scorpion in .45.  I was lent it the other day and have enjoyed it so far.


I like the subdued earth tones of the Scorpion series.  I don’t know if it is Flat Dark Earth or if it’s Coyote Tan, or if it’s Cream of Wheat.  I don’t know the difference in Hues.  But I do know that I’ve never seen any earth this color other than sand.  Most dirt is Flat-Darker.  But I guess Potting Soil isn’t a color OPERATORS would want on their guns.  But SAND looks better for a serious shooter.  Even if they live in the Pacific Northwest where Desert Colors just don’t happen all that much compared to Woodland or Jungle.  But Jungle has gone out of Style… everything is Shitty Desert now.  Anyways, the colors do work well in my area of Utah, which is Desert south of me and High Desert north of me.

SIG’s quality control in these 1911’s is fantastic.  They’ve been the best sellers for the store for a few years now, and I don’t remember having any of them giving us a problem.  I only remember sending 1 SIG 1911 back to the factory for a guy that was having problem with the slide not locking back… because it couldn’t possibly have been his thumb hitting the slide stop during recoil.  Even if that SIG did have a problem mechanically that wasn’t Magazine or User Related – This represents the best track record of any brand for the 1911 Industry.  Absolutely smokes the hell out of Kimber and Smith & Wesson.  When SIG’s compact gun can out-shoot my full sized Kimber, that is saying something.  And what it is saying is not complementary of Kimber.

The Scorpion has a nice set of Micarta scales with a matching Mag-Well.  I like that.  Packing it, well, a full sized grip with a Mag Well does make it rather long.  While I am not sure if it’s longer than the Beretta 92’s, it feels longer.   I don’t have a very good holster for packing this railed commander… I’ve never carried a Railed Commander before.  Huh.
The nightsights on this Scorpion are very bright and clear.
The trigger is excellent.
I’m not sure if I’m liking the DK style trigger… straight, no curve to it.  Compared to my Springer GI’s short trigger… I do prefer the GI’s.  But does the Short or the DK trigger help me put rounds into the target better.  I don’t know.  I’ve only fired relatively few rounds through the Scorpion so far.  And the Scorpion is indeed one seriously accurate pistol.

More about this gun as I get to know it.



11 thoughts on “New Carry Gun for December.”

  1. Beautiful pistol, great friend.
    I have looked at those, the main thing that has turned me off is the rail. I have the Glock and M&P if I want to put a light on something.
    Fully agree on the trigger, I tried a S&W 1911 DK in .38 Super… couldnt get used to it,
    Then again, it was more than likely a training issue that I would have adjusted to with time.
    Sad thing, I adjusted to the Glock and M&P triggers faster than that DK style one.
    You are a lucky man George, if that was an RCS… I would have to admit true Envy.


  2. Interesting, from the photo it looks to be a commander size and has an external extractor. Quick run out and put 20,000 rounds through it..or maybe not.

  3. We just had two Sig 1911’s, government size on loan from Sig for evaluation at work. Looked like very nice builds thought I did not get to shoot one. I think they were OK’ed without any problems…have had no experiance with the smaller versions yet.

  4. I went with the flat faced trigger on my .38 Super Caspian build. So far I like it. Its not really a combat set up but it feels good to me. Maybe it just makes me concentrate on trigger control more than the original style. ( shrug )

  5. I was firing unintentional double taps.
    Unless I consciously mashed the trigger back.
    I am used to caressing the trigger and just getting one shot. 😉


  6. I’m looking for 9mm true sub compact carry options. What is your favorite, or what would you carry in this size if you had no other choice? For reference, I carry ruger LCP, not because I love .380, but because of the size and heft, or lack thereof. I have consistently carried it for more than 18 hours a day for two years now, and I hardly notice it.
    I’m researching the Sig 938 or the XD-S, but looking for your opinion on the matter. Thx

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