The Top 5 Women

Evil Jim and I were joking about our Top Five’s on Facebook.  I said that Christina Hendricks was my #3.  We joked about them, and then I decided to go ahead and do a Top Five list.  Now, these may not be the most beautiful women in the world… but they just do it for me.  I’ll watch them in any movie.

1.  Jennifer Connelly.  I fell in love with her way back when the movie “Labyrinth” came out.
2.  Tabrett Bethell.  Her character “Cara” in “The Legend of the Seeker”.
3.  Christina Hendricks.  “Yosafbridge” from Firefly.  Mad Men.  Redheaded, full figured, no appologies.  The phrase “Special Hell” pretty much defines her.
4.  Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Soft and feminine, but with a strong character.  Just watch Ghost Whisperer.
5.  Monica Bellucci.  The goddess from Italy.  Need I say more?


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  1. My top 5 draws from my youth to today.
    #1 Christina Hendricks… she hits all of my buttons.
    #2 Lynda Carter from her Wonder Woman days… I think she was my first celebrity lust, before I fully understood what lust was.
    #3 Alyson Hannigan Redhead, goofy, smoking hot… And this one time, at band camp…
    #4 Dana Delany from Tour of Duty days… Oh man…
    #5 Phoebe Cates I get a boner anytime Moving in Stereo comes on.

    Yea, my tastes were formed in my youth… and my fantasies have held up better than the actual people.
    Hell, they have held up better than they ever actually were.
    But… I DO NOT CARE.
    These are the famous women that haunt my dreams.


  2. Oh, I don’t know, maybe I am cynical, but I’ve learned there is so much more to life than just pretty.

  3. Let’s go old school.
    1. Sophia Loren
    2. Gina Lolabrigida (?)
    3. Diana Riggs
    4. Julie Numar
    5. Ann Margaret !
    Raquel Welch gets Honerable mention…

  4. 1. Concur on Jennifer Connelly. She’s got ‘it.’
    2. Keira Knightly, because attitude.
    3. Christina Hendricks, needs no explanation.
    4. Concur again on Monica Bellucci
    5. Olivia Wilde

  5. Only five ? !!
    Why some women will feel I ignored them, and didn’t count them worthy of my manly ways and charms, if I did not name them.
    You have a nice list for a starter pack.
    let’s add:
    Virgina Madsen
    Mimi Rodgers – Very smart, mature and simmering.
    Heather Graham
    Tia Carrere = exotic
    and to be named at a later date. 😉

  6. Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica, Hawaii 5-0)
    Rachel Weisz (when she was Evie in The Mummy)
    Lynn Collins (Wolverine, John Carter. A younger version of my wife)
    Moon Bloodgood (we have a police dispatcher who looks lke her)
    Lisa Lambe from Celtic Woman. This redhead will melt your ice cold heart

    I think the attitude the first four women have is as attractive to me as any of their good looks

  7. Sorry guys you have to add “Major Samantha Carter” (Amanda Tappen) Star Gate SG-1 to the top five list. Oh man when she dresses down….yousa!

  8. And need I mention (to move into the 21st centurey) Kate Beckinsale!! I mean pleather and jump a building in a single bound, come on.

  9. representing my age group,
    Raquel Welch – still a hottie
    Anne Margaret
    Tina Turner
    Uma Thurman
    Liv Tyler

  10. My top 5 changes weekly. Currently they are (no particular order):

    Olivia Wilde
    Elizabeth Mitchell
    Felicia Day
    Saoirse Ronan
    Maria McKee (back in her Lone Justice days)

  11. …and no one mentioned Jewel Staite or Kaley Cuoco?
    Diana Rigg, of course!
    Marilyn Monroe.
    Dana Delany
    Rachel Weisz

    Thus endeth the lesson…

  12. I don’t know who some of them are but a couple from my personal favorites are
    1 Elle Mcpherson Can’t act her way out of a paper bag but who else remembers Sirens.
    2 Kathy Ireland Another non actor but how many SI covers
    3 Rachel Weiss
    4 The little Swiss tennis star from the 90’s can’t remember her name but I sure did watch a lot of women’s tennis then
    5 Linda Fiorentino can’t spell her name but damn always did like her in most of her roles.

    1. I considered Biel… in some roles she is extremely attractive, but in others she is a very stark average. But she does have one of the best ass’s in hollywood. If not the best.

  13. #1 Jennifer Connolly
    #1 Charlize Theron
    #3 Jessica Beil
    #4 Kate Beckinsale
    #5 Catherine Heagle

    The spelling on each may be wrong, and they don’t all fall in that order necessarily, but I’ll even watch bad movies with these ladies in them.

  14. I think that it is possible that one of the reasons the Biel gets steady work is that she can present the visual image that a director wants. I really didn’t notice her until I saw her in the “Illusionist”. It seems like with just a change in hair style her face will change shape. Ah the magic of Hollywood. I haven’t made up my mind on how good of an actress she really is.

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