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The Top 5 Women

Evil Jim and I were joking about our Top Five’s on Facebook.  I said that Christina Hendricks was my #3.  We joked about them, and then I decided to go ahead and do a Top Five list.  Now, these may not be the most beautiful women in the world… but they just do it for me.  I’ll watch them in any movie.

1.  Jennifer Connelly.  I fell in love with her way back when the movie “Labyrinth” came out.
2.  Tabrett Bethell.  Her character “Cara” in “The Legend of the Seeker”.
3.  Christina Hendricks.  “Yosafbridge” from Firefly.  Mad Men.  Redheaded, full figured, no appologies.  The phrase “Special Hell” pretty much defines her.
4.  Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Soft and feminine, but with a strong character.  Just watch Ghost Whisperer.
5.  Monica Bellucci.  The goddess from Italy.  Need I say more?